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    Default For yet more respect and adoration

    Hit a few milestones today with my main toon reckter. Plan now is to fill in few quests i skipped while leveling, i think there is 5 total. And continue upgrading older content that has heroic and epic versions from elite to EE. Also on books is starting his ED grnd, just got done epic XP capping him to prep for the grind yesterday.

    Ended the currently achievable without TRing again max to my elite streak. Ended at 1801. with the last quest being EE citw. Popped open social panel to list earned renown on that toon, 9.4 million. Makes me wonder what the highest singular toon # is currently. I got my start on my solo guild quite some time after renown system was in place, so people must be out there with even more monster numbers than that.
    Reckter: 28 heroic, 3 iconic and 19 eic PLs, now a 17 art/3rog shadar-kai. Anhilliation: 3x wiz/sorc PLs, 13 epic PLs now a dwarf 17barb/3bard. . Vikzor: 2xfvs + 4x epic PL horc 19fvs 1 fighter. Rekter: 3x rog & 1 fighter + 4 epic PLs, h-orc 13 rogue 6 monk 1 druid. Veisha: 3x bard + 4 epic PLs, PDK 16 bard 4 fighter.

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    Awesome. Kinda puts a light on Guild Renown and setting goals for yourself.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    No, although VIP players do get free Gold rolls on Daily Dice, so that might fit into your criteria. But when it comes to chest drops, chain rewards, general Daily Dice rolls (what number you get), etc., VIP does not confer additional "luck".

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    jinsama from thelanis has the "achievement" with 14M

    i don't recall how much was the elite & hard streak, but it's around that 1800 u posted XDD

    gz btw
    psykopeta - hoarding pl, for the sake of hoarding, the day i become ubercompletionist will be because there isn't anything to delay it more - thelanis, where the gimps claim to be pros and noobs claim to be pros, no newbies allowed(unless they claim to be pros), we have enough drama w/o them. PS i'm not a pro, maybe if i reincarnate in RL...

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