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    Unhappy Hey you, Good Bye...

    A thank you from Urannia..

    I know I left abruptly without saying anything but one day came to the conclusion that I had enough. Focusing on Rl and back to school to study more politics.
    Deleted all my characters after spending a good chunk of $$$..
    Least to say, devoted much time and energy (cliché right?) into a game in which case I would have never done so… Hehe, only thing I regret is not wearing my green armor after countless hours of grinding & completing my 100 citw run.

    Most probably wouldn’t know my characters but that’s fine. I was probably a bad/awful & quiet/reserved player or pretended I was that guy and went along with all your guy stories. Either way it was fun/interesting while it lasted.

    To all my polish guildies, thank you for your kindness and generosity. It was a pleasure to join..I’ll miss learning polish/language/culture and the weird polish jokes.. Most of you guys are on a break at the moment but I guess I do things irrationally so I couldn’t say farewell and wish you guys the best.

    Helspont ^^ too bad you were always busy tr’ing so I nvr really had the chance to run with you. Anyways thanks for helping with shin. Dnt think I could of tr’d her if I hadn’t run with you..You know me, I dn’t have that kind of attention span unless I have some sort of company. I’ll miss the random conversations so take care..

    Lemons! Thanks for answering all my dumb questions about nothing. Appreciate all the advice. Always a pleasure running with you/ learning & growing as a healer. P.S. Just admit you’re not Italian bc we all know your English is perfect. You’ve been here since 2006. Long overdue. Use mic nao

    Greebs- Nvr got to try the pali build of yours. Was quite excited for it. Had every weapon you could imagine..Hehe you were too HELLA pro so initially I was a bit afraid to ask. The questions had came out weird so you called me dumb, Thanks. I was trying to not look stupid. It was my first mmo. Forgive me a bit pls ^^

    Scarlet- If it weren’t for the runs I had done with you way back, I would of sucked as a healer..Relax a bit ^^ you’re prob wondering who am I to tell you that. But I’m sure you know I really don’t care and put up w/any sugarcoating. It’s a game dear. Have fun. I know you work hard so I have high hopes/prospects for you and your guild regardless of what others believe ^^ gluck.

    Rawl- Thanks for squelching me ^^ It wasn’t my loss. It was yours. Either way had a good time along w/the guildies for a bit. Was able to run majority of the content on elite n push ura’s heals to be that much better..To your friends/guidlies (a long list), sunny nox bear fuzz capri cai…—I nvr spoke much but all those jokes I laughed so hard, little did you knw.. Prob a response with lol and that’s it. I could have mentioned more but least to say I wasn’t interested. Just wanted to run a game & prove a point. Bc if I did say I was a female player, everyone would of given me slack & the convo would of been side-tracted.

    Allenza –Miss miss <3 running with you guys…

    Alcoholics & Magalee - Always a pleasure running w/you n guildies.

    Kylerr--<3 <3 <3 I could go on about you but I’m not bc I wrote an essay already. It was spur of the moment to delete em all. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family.

    Everyone else that I forgot to mention bc there’s just too many. Take care & don’t forget to relax. It takes too much effort being perfect & having high expectations 24/7 that we forget to simply enjoy a game.

    Sorry for all my afks..I was lazy/needed a break/hehe didn’t want to have a convo bc I thought it would be awkward. If I ever did offend anyone in any way, I apologize. Ddo turns you rotten

    P.S. Neverwinter Nights, tempting…
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