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    Wink Wilderness Area just became interesting

    There was the recent addition of better loot from break-ables, which is great because we all smash for the extra XP bonus. But I run wilderness area for fun, slayers, rares or just bored. We dont normally go smashing break-ables here, but sometimes things get broken anyhow. I am glad I noticed the text, because I might not have seen the book sitting there.

    thought you should know, good gaming and good luck
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    Thumbs up heheeh

    gotta watch for the details (found the DEVIL)
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    Not quite as nice as a 2 tome, but I was in the Cannith manufactory recently and heard an odd metallic crash noise and saw a box had been broken during combat and a shield had fallen out to the floor; much better than a loot bag as the shield was just lying on the floor and the sound was pretty close to right for what I imagine a shield would sound falling tumbling to the floor from a box. This is a big improvement from prayer beads all around!

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