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    Default Saying goodbye for awhile!

    hey guys, its been a great 4 plus years.

    I'm shelfing my account for awhile. I'm an occasional player at best, the game has progressed way past me. Old friends are now on worlds or plains I can't access. Trying to run thru the necessary content to upgrade solo is a drag. trying to find fun loving folks for the middle stuff is impossible. I like to crawl thru dungeons not sprint from start to finish disband and try again.

    Also the necessary time to sit at the console and play, is better spent with my new GF. Hey even guys my age need loving too!

    finally the economy has really blown! going from $60K a year to under $15K., with part time work sucks, so I've buckled down at my part time job and am finally in line for a promotion, jumping the regular full time stuff to middle management.

    So to all of you who have quested with Ferric of Foe the lovable warforged, thanks and may your loot drops always be +1

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    Thumbs up Until next we meet

    I hope the new year brings you more opportunity and joy. Real life is the true game we all must win at and DDO will be here when you have the time. Stay safe and good luck!
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    Hope 2013 is better for you and you. Eat your black eyed peas!
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