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    Don't spend any Turbine Points on anything for at least a few weeks. ALL the level 1 and 2 quests in the game are completely free to play; adventure packs don't start until level 3. And then there is still plenty of free content from levels 3-12, so you don't need to buy anything for a while.

    I wouldn't spend $60 on a 1-month VIP trial for all four of you, or even $15 for just you. The 500 TP is nice, but $20 gets you 1950 TP during double bonus point sales, so $15 for 500 is not a good deal.

    For new players, here's the packs I recommend they start with, in order, and why:

    #1: Red Fens
    The fens include good sets for just about any build in the game, so if you have a static group of four (a melee, a divine, a rogue and an arcane, maybe?) you'll all have nice sets to get from the Fens. Also, it's cheap, meaning this feels like an attainable goal for new players. It's a level 9 pack, so it helps out right as the free content starts to thin out. Plus it's an epic pack, making it valuable at endgame.

    #2: Attack on Stormreach
    This pack has some of the best first-life melee weapons in the game, fantastic monk gear, a great set for divines (sora kell), and it's super fun and well constructed. It's a level 13 pack, which is nice because F2P content essentially ends at level 12. It's also pretty cheap, making it a reasonably painless second pack to get.

    #3: Vale of Twilight
    Everyone needs vale for greensteel crafting. This is an expensive pack, but it really should be your third purchase. It's level 16, and attack on stormreach will be able to get you to vale, and vale in turn will get you to 20.

    #4: Secrets of the Artificers
    This level 19 pack has crazy good sets for virtually every build in the game. When you first hit level 20, equip your secrets sets and maybe some greensteel from vale, and you will be ready to face epic content.

    #5: MOTU Expansion base package
    The expansion is well worth it, but it's expensive. The retail price is $30 in the DDO Market (not the in-game store), but there have already been 75% off ($7.50) and 50% off ($15.00) sales so far, so look for one of those.

    These first five purchases can be delayed until you actually get high enough level to run them, are an affordable introduction to the game, and will enable you to gear yourself reasonably well along the way. And of course, never buy anything at full price. Wait for sales of at least 20% off.

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    Just a quick note- if you buy the MoTU standard edition it includes several packs, druid, epic destinies and a learning tome... well worth it when on sale.

    I think the packs are Phiarlan Carnival, Attack on Stormreach and Inspired Quarter 1 and 2. All very nice to have, with the Carnival including epic versions.

    If you think you might buy the MotU pack, avoid buying the packs it already includes!
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    I would recommend buying the packs that sound interesting to you or your family, but only when you get to the appropriate level. As others mentioned, there is a lot of free content in the game. If the idea is to play for free, then you can probably get fairly far into the game without having to pay for anything.

    Something that hopefully you found out already, you can earn the Turbine Points needed to buy some modules by simply playing content. Each 100 favour, which is granted by completing quests (only the highest difficulty counts and only once per quest), will give you 25 points and certain benchmarks will also give you a reward. Free players should also get access to a basic Monster Manual which can have some points rewards for higher level deeds.

    You asked before when you can deviate from the story... well, whenever you feel like it basically.
    Korthos has a short story for an introduction, but once you get past that and into the main core of Stormreach, you will be able to choose how you proceed from there. It has a basic 'Welcome to Stormreach' story as well to follow but again, it's a bit short.

    It is not necessary to but some of the lower level packs as you can easily level up without needing extra quests. This is where it can get a bit tricky for someone trying to maintain a free experience. Buying a quest pack and not needing it or not liking it is a bit of a let-down.
    If I were you, I would read up on each pack and decide which ones are right for your group and then go from there. Some of them are expensive for what you get, others are rather cheap. Some require a more 'hardcore' approach, some are more suited for a casual style of play...

    If your group will be four players maximum, you will be missing out on raids which are 12 player quests. You will need probably need the full group to complete, so you need to recruit others. If this is not part of what you want, then there are some stories you can skip, or packs that might not be worth spending the points.
    This is just my opinion, but some of my favourites that might fit a group of four are:

    The Demon Sands (Level 10-12)(950 pts.): Culminates in a raid against the Demon Queen (which unfortunately might not fit your group) but has a lot of content (10 quests) and a very large wilderness area. There are some very good items here, although they are not the easiest to obtain . You can get a small taste of the raid through one of the quests and the enemies are a bit more varied than some other packs.

    Ruins of Gianthold (Level 13-14)(950 pts.): Again, ends in a raid but has a lot of content to run on top of that. It does need a little bit of farming to allow entrance into the last, non-raid quest but I feel it is well worth it. 10 more quests and another large wilderness area with some good items as well. Both this pack and the Demon Sands have some very well laid out and enjoyable quests with some really large battles. Also both are at the point where free content drops off, so they're good for transitioning.

    Red Fens (Level 9)(450 pts.): Slightly shorter, but again - great items, great quests and a wilderness to explore. A rather varied enemy base keeps it interesting and the whole pack has a good feel to it.

    Delera's Tomb (Level 5-11)(850 pts.): This is strictly undead for enemies, but it has a nice story arc series, plus a few other stand-alone adventures as well. If you or the group dislikes quests against the undead though, I would probably skip this pack as that's what you get.

    Sorrowdusk Isle (Level 6-10)(450 pts.): I might take some flak for suggesting this pack, but it's an older pack that has an interesting chain of quests(for myself at least). I won't spoil the story behind it, but it's a fairly broad level range for a pack to have, plus there is a wilderness area involved too which helps get a little bit more out of the points spent.

    Attack on Stormreach (Level 13)(450 pts.): This is a continuation of a free to play level 12 module and it does a good job continuing a pretty good story.

    Path of Inspiration (Level 17-19)(350 pts.): A cheap, high level pack that can net some good items.

    The Dreaming Dark (Level 18-20)(350 pts.): Continuation of the Path of Inspiration module. All in all, this isn't a bad story.

    Some of those packs, you won't have to worry about for a while, so take your time. One suggestion is enjoy the free content of the game and see what you like. There are some quests that are very enjoyable that cost nothing and what you buy depends on what you really want to get out of the game. You sound like you have a more casual group and there is a reason I suggested or didn't suggest certain packs, and that's because four casual players may not take full advantage of the pack or the rewards it offers. I love the Vale of Twilight, but if you're running strictly with four people, you are missing 3 of the 8 quests granted (raids that need 12). Also, if you're a casual player, you will likely not be for the crafting from the raid, which takes a lot of completions and running the same content over and over to build an item.

    To address the challenges, these are a different type of quest. It's a timed instance that has a basic objective to achieve and a specific means to achieve it. There are four basic styles of play, according to the zone, with slightly different rules for each. You will find these in House Cannith, accessed from the Marketplace which you will find later, once you advance past Korthos. They have such a broad level range because some are epic(Level 20+) but also because each can be played at different difficulties. You can select the level of difficulty you play on, within a certain range for each.
    You do not have to buy anything for it though, and I would advise against it until you are absolutely sure. There will be a token vendor that will give you free access for one of these challenges per day. They take some practice and getting used to as they function quite a bit differently than a regular quest does.

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    Thanks to everybody who took the time and effort to reply to my post. I am quite a bit more educated now on how to proceed. The D&D community is brilliant. Ta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galeria View Post
    Just a quick note- if you buy the MoTU standard edition it includes several packs, druid, epic destinies and a learning tome... well worth it when on sale.

    I think the packs are Phiarlan Carnival, Attack on Stormreach and Inspired Quarter 1 and 2. All very nice to have, with the Carnival including epic versions.

    If you think you might buy the MotU pack, avoid buying the packs it already includes!
    If you can afford it, the standard edition is a better deal than the base edition.

    $50 Standard Edition
    MOTU Expansion
    Epic Destinies
    Phiarlan Carnival (450 TP)
    Arrack on Stormreach (550 TP)
    Path of Inspiration (450 TP)
    Dreaming Dark (450 TP)
    Eveningstar Challenges
    1000 TP
    Greater Tome of Learning

    $30 Base Edition
    MOTU Expansion
    Epic Destinies
    Lesser Tome of Learning

    If you assume 20% off sales, the four packs that come with the standard edition are worth 1520 TP. Coupled with the 1000 TP it comes with that's the equivalent of 2520 TP for $20, which is way better than normal. So yeah, very much worth it.

    However, some people may have issues spending that much in one shot. But yeah, if there's any chance you might get the standard edition, don't buy Attack on Stormreach. Instead, get either demon sands or gianthold as your second pack. Be aware that both of those are almost double the price of Attack on Stormreach, but hey, you can get them with the 1000 TP that comes with the standard edition. heh.

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