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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    If you end in fury of the wild, khopesh by a country mile.
    Eh? I thought Balizarde was the new bee's knees? Plus the ability to use Celestia with your bonus damage and imp crit feats is probably helpful too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingwei View Post
    Eh? I thought Balizarde was the new bee's knees? Plus the ability to use Celestia with your bonus damage and imp crit feats is probably helpful too.
    I stand corrected.

    Basically, x3 (or x4!) is all that matters for smiting pallies who end in fury, so in that sense khopesh would be better than rapiers. However, a x3 rapier is clearly better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingwei View Post
    Another thing to remember is that you can use a wand of any spell that is on your spell list, and you match the wand's minimum level.

    So, for example, you can use wands of cure serious wounds at lvl5? (think that's the default level for cure serious wands), even though you wouldn't be able to cast CSW as a paladin until lvl 14.
    Yes, this is a great suggestion At 1st level, Paladins (and Rangers) can use Cure Light Wound wands, at 3rd level Cure moderate Wands and at 5th level Cure Serious. I highly recommend to have some cure wands with you at all times. You can also use other ailment curing wands (lesser restore is very useful to remove stat drain at low levels for example).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olath_Senger View Post
    OTWF and Precision would be wastes of a feat slot. To-hit doesn't matter as much as it used to; my FvS Evoker, at level 11, can hit things TWFing with clubs and a 14 Str.


    That half-point in UMD isn't going to do anything. Put it somewhere else if you can.

    In regards to enhancements, drop Elven Dex, Divine Light, and take Exalted Smite down to tier 1. Pick up Divine Sacrifice and either HotD or KotC (personally I really like HotD; KotC is a bit too situational for me).

    If possible, try to pick up a +1 Dex tome off the AH. They're relatively cheap and will allow you to put all level-ups in Strength. Also, as a long-term goal, get a +2 Cha tome and get Divine Might IV.

    Other than that, this looks like a very solid build that you'll be happy with. New-player friendly, and it will do well in a group and solo if you so choose. Laugh when your enemies attempt to frighten you, for you are immune to fear. Laugh harder when all your friends die, and you are the one who must carry their soul stones to the nearest shrine.

    Oh, and excuse any spelling mistakes or other oddities in my typing. Typed this whole post on my phone, who knows what my butterfingers did :P.
    +1 to this advice, all of it. Another +1 for typing better on your phone than I can with a real keyboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jingwei View Post
    Unless you plan to really build for healing amplification, I'm not really sure that empower healing + maximize are the best feats to take. You probably won't have the SP to keep it up, and without a high hamp, you still won't be self healing yourself for a lot. Paladins who self heal with their spells are generally build with something like 200 to 300% healing amp. So a ~100 point cure serious heals them for 200+ points of damage. And drow uniclass paladins can't really be built for healing amp.

    Would think about dropping them for cleave and great cleave, to set you up for overwhelming critical. But would probably want access to improved critical: pierce while leveling, to get some use out of heartseeker weapons. So would probably take great cleave at 21 and then overwhelming critical at lvl 24.
    And this.
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