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    Default Rad II or eDoublecross for lvl 20 arti?

    Ive got a craftbot arti who will stay at 20 (for farming heroic challenges) and Im considering which weapon I should get for him.

    -currently he has a cormyrian repeater with 2d6 cold damage, corrosive salt proc and -dex on hit. Im dreaming of a cormyrian crossbow with radiance but Im not even sure if the proc is possible, and the chance of getting it might be pretty low. Trying to get one might take long or might even be a waste of time and ingreds.

    -I could probably make a rad II repeater (still need shards but should have ingreds) which would complement his planned destiny (shadowdancer) and got decent damage. This one would probably be the easiest to farm out. This one might be useful if I ever TR him but Im not planning to do so anytime soon.

    -I could try to farm shard and seal of the doublecross bow (have base item, could buy scroll) but Im not sure how good the droprate of seal and shard is and how the dps/utility compares to a rad II repeater. The stats look good on paper, how good is it really, especially the nightshade poison with its low dc? Good enough (and farmable enough) not to make a rad II? Note that I cant use a slavers hand crossbow due to the min lvl.
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