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    Default Help with 34 pt Fighter Build

    Hey all,

    I'm TRing my Barbarian soon and want to give Fighter a try next. I typically play with a group of players and I'm interested in making a Fighter that can run into a room, take the brunt of the damage, and utilize a bunch of the fun combat feats like Imp. Trip and Stunning Blow and such.

    I'm thinking Dwarf with Dwarven Axe and Shield is a possibility, having naturally higher saving throws, extra combat dcs, and free proficiency.

    I don't own Half-orc or Half-elf so I don't plan on making one of them, but any other race is fine if the reason is right.

    My basic though is something like this:

    Dwarf 20 Fighter
    Stalwart Defender Prestige
    High STR and CON with a mix of other stats for saves/skills/feat req.
    Shield Feats, Maybe the THF Feats for glancing blows with Dwarven Axe?, Imp. Trip and Sunder, Stunning Blow, Cleave/Great Cleave, maybe Resilience for extra saves since -5 to hit might hurt this build to much, and then whatever else.
    Enhancements to improve combat DCs, hp, ac, damage.
    Decent enough intimidate for non-epic stuff.

    Note that I'll be TRing shortly after he reaches 20.

    Any advice is appreciated thanks!

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    Dwarves don't have naturally higher saves against anything interesting, but they can spend up to 12 AP to get up to +3 saves against all magical effects, which is powerful. With that said, I would very strongly urge you to go human or half-elf instead. Here is what I recommend for you:

    16 Str, 14 Dex, 16 Con, 13* Int, 11 Cha
    levels in Strength

    1 - Toughness and THF and Power Attack
    2 - EWP: Bastard Sword
    3 - Toughness
    4 - Weapon Focus: Slashing
    6 - Stunning Blow and Improved THF
    8 - Improved Critical: Slashing
    9 - Improved Sunder
    10 - Combat Expertise*
    12 - Improved Trip* and Greater THF
    14 - Dodge
    15 - Sap
    16 - Mobility
    18 - Toughness and Weapon Spec: Slashing
    20 - Greater Weapon Spec: Slashing

    *Improved Trip is kind of a big investment, as the number of stars indicate. However, a pure fighter is 100% the best time to check it out for yourself, so go for it.
    -You don't qualify for SD until 10, but SD 1 is pretty lame anyway.
    -Shield feats are all about tanking, and pre-20 you'll be fine tanking anyway.
    -In the same vein, you absolutely want the THF feats for a DPS mode with a THF weapon. Between HP, AC, Dodge, and PRR you will be very survivable against heroic trash without a shield, and you will do a lot more DPS.

    Stalwart 3
    Human Versatility 4 - an enormous DPS increase
    Haste Boost 4 - ditto
    Improved Recovery as much as possible
    As much Armor Mastery as you need to fill out your armor's dodge bonus, depends on the armor but more than 2 ranks is probably not necessary

    Why Human instead of Dwarf?
    -Versatility is much more damage than the +damage to axes
    -Improved Recovery is worth much more than a little more saves
    -Proficiency is a wash due to bonus feat
    -With Improved Sunder you'll land Stuns either way, Sap automatically lands, you'll find Trip is pretty useless anyway = bonus DCs not super interesting

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