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    Default Grace helpful guild recruiting

    Hi i'm recruiting for our guild named grace

    atm we are a small guild currently at level 45 and we are looking for some
    new members who are preferable a little active. Our core consist of people who played this game for 3~6+ years

    we are most welcome to new people young and old. To the really new and starting i can probably provide you with a few things to make the leveling easier.
    wether that be with items / plat / or time to get you a specific item in a quest

    The main focus in this guild is to help eachother out and be there for
    another with either time items advice or to comtemplate the vicissitudes
    of life with another.

    so in short we are looking for :

    .:: alignment ::.

    lawful good - neutral good - chaotic good
    lawful neutral - neutral - chaotic neutral

    ( any of the evil alignments will be considered after a trail
    period of a week )

    lvl : 1 +


    str : 1+
    dex : 1+
    con : 6+
    int : 4+
    wis : 1+
    cha : 1+

    skills : any would do but some form of balance and concentration would
    be prefered


    << remotely active player >>

    thank you for reading.
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    we attained level 55 today and airship that goes with it we are still looking
    for new players/old players who are willing to learn the game on a more
    casual basis.

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