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    Default One of those epic DDO evenings

    its been awhile since I was in a spot where I could just take an evening and burn it on DDO but today I was able to do just that. Started solo, but worked into a channel/pug situation that carried for many solid completions. Did full chain from lord of dust up through portal opens on EE(skipped spinner EE though . Great way to bust my main toon into epic XP. not too much drama throughout the day. The cleric who tagged along was obviously a bit new to the EE scene and dinged quite a bit. But stayed positive and was a sport about it. the group changed as the hours ticked away, ended up taking some of the same and some new through elite tod flagging

    Also got to give props to the 3 monks, a sorc and a barb elite shroud I did last night. Big fun. I did ding in round 2 of part 4, backed out to toss a scroll right into a blade. wups. dinged repeatedly in part 5 from harry continuously beating my face in. big fun. we completed, rawr
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    The quests I was there for were a lot of fun. Thanks for helping me get ~1/3 of my PDK favor on my AA.

    Also, that cleric clearly wasn't that bad - they only let my gimp-ass die twice. :P
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    That would have been fun to join but I wanted to level my tr and then helped get a guildy reflagged for shroud.

    Wrunt that healer pro ably should have just left you dead to take the strain of healing off to throw other spells and heals on others.

    See you both in game.
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