More so DDO Market feedback not DDO store(I thought best 2 put it here though)

I think this has been asked/requested before but could it be at all possible to consider getting lesser point bundles

to purchase on the DDO Market?

The cheapest bundle is $19.50 for 1,550 points. We have a situation where my buddy has 345 points but needs 600

to purchase the U16 High Roads pack on special/sale for 20% this weekend.

Now before you say grind it out, he has all toons on all servers so only gets 25TP for each 100 favor

So yes we could do that but very very grindy *imo*.

If there was a cheaper points bundle option(like in the DDO Store: 500 points for $7.99 that would work out quite well *imo*.

So please don't troll or criticize if you do please explain why you don't think it is a good idea! Much Thanks in advance! Cheers!

Also he is underaged so no c/c, also no cash(or could get a ddo points card) he spent it all on his girlfriend(he has his priorities in order! ).