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    Default The Mechadi Champion: a shiradi splashed sorcerer EE capable first life build

    18 sorc 2 paladin
    Shiradi Champion

    Why 2 paladin? Saves matter now, particularly in EEs. Symbols of stunning, disco balls, disints, AOE damage effects get throw around, and +15 or more to all saves is incredibly useful. 19 and 20 sorc gets you a few hundred more sp, a few more spell slots, and the near-worthless capstone. Once you have 18 sorc levels, most of your nuking capability is there. I'll take the saves any day of the week.

    Why warforged? You won't have the DCs to instakill or discoball/hold things in EE anyway, the quickened heals and extra hp of warforged complement this builds survivability nicely.

    Why shiradi champion? The random procs are very, very good if you build for them. Many shiradi abilities synergize with sorcerer very well.

    Lawful good. Gotta be to take 2 pally. It's worth it.

    Str - 14+4tome+6item+2rage+2ship=28 (von5 levers)
    Dex - 8+4tome+7item+2insightful+2ship+1 exp=24
    Con -18+4tome+1enh+7item+2 yugo+2 ship+2 rage =36
    Int - 12+4tome=16
    Wis - 6+3tome+6item+2ship=17
    Cha - 16+6levels+3tome+8item+3insightful+2yugo+3enh+2shi p+1 great cha=44

    Audience with the queen occasionally gives +10 all stats.

    For 34pt, reduce str to 12. For 32 pt, reduce str to 10. For 28pt reduce con to 16. Lack of tomes is fine. This build does not need any tomes. If you have to pick 2 stats, cha and con are the ones to buy tomes for.

    edit: a +3 con tome is required if you want to get epic toughness. Run von6 for reds or go down that well for greens till you can buy one, yes they look expensive but plat comes easily if you work a bit for it!

    20 base
    50 Epic levels
    92 class
    325 con
    30 GFL
    20 barb pl
    30 tough enh
    45 shroud
    20 Yugo
    10 argo
    20 toughness item
    27 toughness feat
    50 epic toughness
    739 HP

    Audience with the queen occasionally gives +300 hit points.

    For a self healing class that can displace and attack from afar, this is enough. Recons should hit for ~450-500 so getting much fatter doesn't even really do much.

    ~3k with archmagi, GS spellpoints, etc. Plenty when the spells you are spamming cost 4sp, 6sp, 10sp, 15sp etc per cast.

    Spell list: (underlined=vital)
    Level1:jump, magic missle, nightshield, prot from evil (jump=obvious, MM=5 procs for 4sp, nightshield=+3 reflex, 1s vs command happen)
    Level2:gust of wind, knock, resist energy, choice (blow away AOEs/disco, open stuff, resist is a must, 1 any [I choose web])
    Level3:chain missles, haste, rage, displace (1proc on targeted enemy and 10 on nearby ones is amazing, others need no explaining)
    Level4:icestorm, ddoor, solid fog, enervation (icestorm=AOE 30s, 2 procs every 2s, solid fog is great CC, ddoor is mandetory, enervation is about as good as energy drain and neg lvls are very useful) edit: enervation CAN be scrolled, and acid rain can be dropped fairly easily, solid fog/force missles are strong replacements
    edit have exchanged enervation for force missles and acid rain for solid fog. The verdict? It's better.
    Level5:niacs, eladars, cone of cold, cloudkill (niacs/eladars are very good, cone is staple water savant AOE, cloudkill is long term procs and good for tanks)
    Level6: recon, disint, otilukes (self healing, construct killer, water savant AOE)
    edit have exchanged otilukes for acid fog...nice debuff/perma fog damage while otilukes is almost a waste of sp compared to shiradi proc spells
    Level7: disco, FOD, prismatic spray (disco/FOD are pretty much useless to be honest, but not much better... prismatic spray, on the other hand, is incredible)
    Level8olar ray, PWS (best single target nuke, auto-helpless no save)
    Level9: meteor swarm (8 proc AOE, still good as water drain isn't bad either)

    Shiradi Champion:
    Teir1: 3/3 Healing spring; 1/3 Illusion of well being(healing spring helps out pug melee. gotta spend a 4th point and illusion isn't terrible)
    Teir2: 1/1 Prism*; 3/3 fey form*; 1/1 fey spring (prism stance is what you will always be in, fey form is free DR and spellpower, fey spring is an extra healing spring and 2 spellpower)
    Teir3: 1/1 Rainbow* (a huge part of this build)
    Teir4: 1/1 Double rainbow* 2/3 In the weeds 3/3 elemental absorbtion (2% dodge, 4% after staying still. double rainbow is obviously very important for this build...elem is handy, 15% is nothing to discount)
    Teir5: 3/3 Nerve venom* (incredibly strong CC in epic elites. can lock down orange names/trash)
    Teir6: 1/1 Audience with the Queen* (very strong ability)

    *=absolutely mandetory. other stuff can be tweaked around a bit

    teir4 Energy Burst
    teir1 Endless faith 10% sp and 30sp echoes
    teir1 Brace for impact(+2 saves 40% fort)

    A few options here. I'd consider energy burst just about mandetory, it is very very strong. If you don't have the fate points to twist it in, you are better off just going draconic to be honest. Other teir1 possiblities include ephemeral evolution (proc up to 15 PRR), unearthly reactions (+6 reflex), primal scream (+5 con/str), +6 fort or +6 reflex from draconic. Teir2 possiblities include lithe (+6 reflex/AC) or +3 evoc from magister.

    Fortitude:11base+17cha+12con+6resistance+4GH+2luck +1 ship+2brace+1ritual=56
    Reflex:8base+7dex+17cha+2brace+6 resistance+3nightshield+4GH+2luck+1ship+1ritual=51
    Will: 13base+4wis+17cha+6resistance+4GH+2luck+1ship+2bra ce+1ritual=50

    Tea with the queen sometimes gives +10 all saves (and sometimes +10 all stats for +10 all saves)

    Overkill? For heroic levels, and EN/EH, absolutely. But symbols of stunning, disints and other nastyness thrown at you by EE casters has DC in the 50s, approaching 60 sometimes. Saves matter.

    Nothing crazy...typical water savant stuff...air savant wouldn't be a bad choice either but IS more DC based
    edit I have switched to air savant. Both are good. Any savant, really.
    max repair
    max force

    maximize (hopefully no explanation needed!)
    empower (not so hot on a divine anymore, or DC wizard...sorcs should still take it)
    toughness (hp matter)
    quicken (recon)
    PL:wiz* (+1 DCs, perhaps more importantly the magic missle clickie)
    heighten* (for niac ray, web...this is not completely needed once you get shiradi)
    epic toughness (more hp WILL save your life sometimes)
    SF:evoc (savant prereq)
    great charisma* (evened me out, if not take something else)

    *these are flexible...can swap these out for a few different things, PL:sorc, more toughnesses, spell penx3, season to taste based on personal preferences.

    edit: the 3 mental toughness feats are another option)

    UMD:11ranks+16cha+4GH+5exp+2luck+5epic=43 (enough, UMD doesn't see a ton of use to be honest)
    Intim:23ranks+16cha+4GH+5exp+2luck+5epic+20item+5e xceptional=80 (even totally ungeared can hit 50ish)
    Concentration:23+12con+15item+6exp+2luck+4GH+5epic =67 (magic missle and chain missle are unquickened but recons/niacs/polars always are...don't worry too much about concentration)
    Diplo:0 ranks+16cha+10conco+5exp+4GH+2luck+5 epic=42 (audience with the queen=DC 40 check, if no concop just swap in a +15 item beforehand, really no need for ranks in this.)

    Damage mitigation:
    AC: negligable, particularly in EE
    PRR: usually 0 Audience with the queen occasionally gives +100 PRR (~40% less dmg)
    Incorporeal: 10%
    Dodge: can get 6-9% (in the weeds is 0-3% based on movement, 3% passive, 3% unearthly reactions)
    Blocking DR: with DoD ~40DR, I wouldn't recommend using DoD in EEs though, movement is too important)
    Concealment:50% displacement (keep this up in EEs)

    Generally though, the best form of damage mitigation is jump, haste and moving around. You'll have ranged single target and AOE damage and good self healing, survivability is pretty good overall even if damage mitigation is not incredible.

    Past lives I have: barbx2, wizx3, sorcx2, monk, fvsx2, clr

    These give +8spell pen, 20 hp, +2 evoc DC/1conj DC, some sp...but honestly though, one of the great things about this build is that it doesn't really need past lives to shine. At all. Spell pen is useful but not necessary, nor are DCs when you are relying on shiradi procs or saveless spells to deal most of your damage. A first lifer, even a 28 pt one, can contribute in epic elites just fine using this build.

    Cheap/quick gear options:
    The war wizards set of bracers/necklace/docent is a good starting point. Archmagi, 50/100 elemental sp, +6 resistance, +1 spell focus mastery, spell pen VIII, and on top of all that, -10% spell costs. Can skip a sp greensteel perhaps and just make hp concops goggles. Can even do teir3 something different as the set has 20 elemental hp.

    For boots EN epic falling shadow treads are fairly cheap and give +7/+2 dex. For rings, the Emaster artifice gets you 90 recon spellpower and a couple epic slots. The cove ring gets another couple slots and some other nice abilities. A +8 charisma helm shouldn't be TOO hard to find on your servers AH.

    In your hands weild just a cold spellpower 1 hander with lore...for shields fanion is nice, but not super cheap. In EE you won't be blocking to be honest. For trinket, +3 cha or blasting chime are both good. Helms, minos isn't a bad option, and it is very cheap/easy to get.

    How to play it:
    Shiradi is a powerful destiny. The way it works-where various abilities can trigger for every spell that lands-means that chaining together spells like magic missle (5procs), chain missle (AOE 10 procs), meteor swarm (AOE 8 procs) on a base of an ice storm (2 procs every 2 seconds for 30s+slow) or cloudkill (1 proc every 2s for 1min, +conceal) mean that enemies will be getting hit with a lot of procs. Often many, many every second.

    Nerve venom is 7% chance of stun for ~5 seconds, no save. Not much, but when you can pump something full of 5-10 procs a second for cheap, many things end up stunned for a large % of the time.

    The sonic proc is 7% chance of 10d10 damage...but it is influenced by spellpower so actually averages around 150-200 damage.

    The force proc is 7% chance of 2d100 damage....ditto about the spellpower, so it actually averages around 150-450. I've seen it crit for over 2200 points before.

    The rainbow procs are 7% chance of a random damage type...piercing, lawful, cold, just about anything. Also influenced by spellpower, it does similar damage to the sonic proc, but sometimes weirdly high amounts like 700+ light damage.

    The double rainbow procs are where things get fun. Web line trip, prismatic spray procs (can banish deathwarded orange names), stunning blow, perma cold proc (250-300 cold damage every 2seconds, forever), perma negative energy damage, dance enemies, burning blood, exhaustion, limbchopper, shattermantle, nullmagic strike, earthquake and more. When you use audience with the queen, you have a chance to upgrade these proc chances from 7% to 50%...which gets a bit absurd. Treat your graphics card to dinner afterwards, all those spell effects means it will be working overtime.

    When in a group in EE, the combo of nerve venom+your self healing and damage mitigation can save the healer a ton of sp. The melee can just peel mobs you are kiting/tanking/CCing off 1 by 1, and things go much smoother. Take advantage of your superior saves by agroing enemy casters and standing away from the group or running in circles around them.

    In most groups, you will have better survivability than just about everyone if you have good keyboard skills. Moving will not effect your dps in a negative way at all; compared to a melee that needs to be close to the enemy. Take advantage of that. That being said, if a tank is doing well and has good damage mitigation, and there is a healer in the group, ripping agro and kiting won't win you any friends. Play it by situation, same as any build.

    Solo EE, dont bite off more than you can chew. That probably means not attempting to solo EEs at all till you are geared and confident. EEs when solo are very unforgiving and require more resources/playskills/gear/knowledge etc.

    Save audience with the queen for big fights...300hp or 100PRR or 50% spellprocs and +10stats or +10 saves or 75% energy absorption can be very beneficial.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post here or send me a PM. Thanks for readin
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