My objective here is two-fold...

1) I have always wanted to get involved in a DDO static group, but I keep missing them when they start. Static group play is always my favorite way to go and light roleplay is always a plus.

2) I'm starting my blog (link in sig) and will be playing monks from various games. I would love for my DDO experiences to not only compare and contrast the mechanics and options within the game itself, but also to have the play style itself be unique to the game. The blog itself wouldn't be RP, as it's meant to relay my (player) experiences with the game. However, I would be fully vested in the group, in and of itself, and the enjoyment (or lack thereof) would be likely subject matter for the blog.

The real objective here is goal one, as the blog is a product of my enjoyment of gaming and monks, and I'm looking to enhance that aspect more than anything else.

I'd definitely be playing a monk (95% sure it'd be pure monk, no multiclass). I do have veteran 4 and 7 available, though, I'd prefer to start at 1 due to being out of game for so long, and a static group should always start at the start. My play times during the week are basically from 6pm PST / 9pm EST onward, and can start much earlier on Saturdays or Sundays.