28 December, 2012 - Issue 9

Welcome to this months Silver Legion Periodical, this is the Holiday edition, it is dedicated
to all things winter related. As the year draws to a close and the ending of the Mayan
calendar didn't result in the end of the world, the Silver Legionaires have been busy about
Eberron and Eveningstar. Please follow along as our guildmates find adventure where
ever it may be found.
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Amazing that this is our 9th Issue already. When we started this back in September, we
thought that maybe this would last a month or two, because like most new things, there
would initially be very high interest and as that waned so would submissions from our
members. Boy were we wrong! And I am glad for it! We have quite a creative bunch and
they continue to pack our mail server with screenshots, songs, stories, anecdotes, and
other wonderful nuggets from their Eberron and Faerun adventures.

The Silver Legion being just a small part of the much larger MMO gaming guild, Guild Medieval,
there is quite a number of folks in our community who have never played DDO, but are still enjoying
this monthly periodical. One of these fine folks is none other than Guild Medieval's steward (much
like Denethor from Lord of the Rings, only with much less self-immolation), and someone whom I am
most blessed to call a friend, and that would be Philly, Guild Medieval's Community Administrator.
In fact, Philly has a few comments that he would like to share with you all:

"Well, another year comes to its closure. Guild Medieval has sat watching in stunned awe
as the delegation of DDO has grown out of all proportion and expectations, in the dozen
years we have operated never have we seen a game take off the way it has, it has been a
pleasure to watch it. Also a paperwork nightmare. I wish to extend to the readers here our
seasonal greetings from the non DDO members of Guild Medieval. I hope you enjoy this
periodical as much as we who don't actually play the game do. It is refreshing to see such
originality after so long in a gaming Guild. God bless all gamers."

~ Jinguizu of Cannith, The Silver Legion Guild Leader
~ Mistindantacles "Mist", Guild Medieval DDO Realm Leader

So after spending an afternoon turning the training dummy into a popsicle ...

Tamberlyn traveled to Eveningstar. Somewhere along the way she picked up a nasty head
cold and well, um, err ... sneezed!

And Sneezed some more!

Sang to the tune of Jingle Bells!

Dashing through Eberron
In my feather falling boots,
Stormreach seems so far away,
Oh look I found some loots.

Platinum I must have,
Pearls and Rubies too.
Oh look some items to deconstruct
and some spell components too.

The kobolds they must go
Zombies are a chasing me
Round and Round I go

Where's my stupid hire?
Why aren't you healing me?
Turbine I must fire.

To House P I go
To slay a stinking spider
I hope it doesn't poison me
That is my desire.

Whisperdoom was big and black
Intent on eating me,
Everything now's black and white,
I think she killed me.

Oh no I have lag
Please please don't crash on me
It's a real drag.

Oh no they broke my sword
Their gonna pay for that
Lots of blood and gore

Where's the rest shrine,
I'm out spell points
And Mom is lost again

I hope I get lots of XP
Thank you for the buffs my friends
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to thee.


Don't look now, Aeryth is being chased by Rudolf the Red Nosed Winter Wolf. I'll bet she
forgot to take that tasty ham out of her backpack.

Tamberlyn, Luna, Thalkon, and Dreamae encounter Rudolph the Rednose Illusionary Wolf
and his pack of Reindeer Wolves.

Winter Festival Eve
an adaptation by Dreamae

'Twas the night before Winter Festivult when all through the airship
not a creature was stirring not even an imp.

The treasure bags were hung by the training dummy with care
in hopes that St. Mist soon would be there.

The guildies were all nestled all snug in their bunks
while visions of lootz danced in their heads.

Enisfer in her top hat and Thalkon in his helm
had just settled down for a long winters powerdown.

When out on the deck there arose such a clatter
that Thalkon sprung from his bunk to see what was the matter.

He flew up the stairs and shoved his head through the portal.
The moon on the crashing waves gave a luster of midday to objects above.

When what to Thalkon's wondering eyes should appear
but a miniature airship with eight tiny minions leading the way.

Led by a gentle guild master so lively and quick
Thalkon knew in a moment that it must be St. Mist.

More rapid than dragons the minions they came.
St. Mist whistled and hollered calling each of them by name.

"Now Riposte, Now Izit, Hey Rugare and Nevish.
On Stavandal, On Khormac, Get along Arisanna and Rayvon.

To the top of the deck, to the top of the hull.
Now scurry away, scurry away, scurry away all."

Like feathers falling before the wild hurricane they came,
when met with an obstacle they did mount to the sky.

So onto the deck the minions they flew
with bags full of lootz and St. Mist too!

And then in the twinkling of an eye,
Thalkon heard the stomping and stumbling of each tiny boot.

As Thalkon drew back his head and was about to turn around
in came St. Mist with a bound.

He was dressed from his head to his foot in mithril armor
all tarnished from sand and violet ooze.
A large bag of lootz he had slung on his back.

His eyes they glimmered and his hair was so curly.
His cheeks were sunburnt and his nose a peeling.
His droll mouth he quirked to one side and his beard was all freeze dried.

The stump of Elminster's pipe held tight in his mouth
and the smoke circled his head like a blade barrier.

He had a kind face and a round belly that clanked when he laughed.
He was cuddly and plump, a right cranky old elf and Thalkon laughed in spite of himself.

With a wink of St. Mist's eye and a twist of his head
soon let Thalkon know he had nothing to dread.

St. Mist spoke not a word but went straight to his work
filling each treasure bag with lootz and turned with a jerk.

A snap of his fingers and a stomp of his foot to his airship he flew.
To his minions he gave a whistle and dashed out of sight like a down on a thistle.

St. Mist exclaimed as he flew out of sight
"Happy Winter's Festivult to all and to all good lootz!"

Santa sure has funny ideas of where to leave his Christmas Lootz! Just about anybody
could claim it for their own. Aeryth, decided to confiscate this chest and put it in a safe
place...just in case Santa comes back looking for his lost lootz.

Silent Eberron Night

Silent Night, Festivult Night
No pumpkins in sight
Stavlets sleep tight

Round young squires and all of the knights
Your guild officers will tuck you in tonight
Festivult coins will drop in your sleep
Festivult coins drop in your sleep

Copper, Silver, and Gold Festivult coins fill your bags
The Festivult Jester will take all of your coins
Cross your fingers and He will give you all nice treats

The Jester will give you things like Festival Twigs,
Abishi Gingerbread cookies, and Mabar Endless Night Jelly Cakes
Avoid lumps of coal, they're not part of your goal

Silent Night, Festivult Night
Don't look now, your inventories are full
Rouse the squires and all of the Knights
The Festivult Jester has visited us in the night

When will it end, there's no end in sight
Silent Night, Festivult Night


Taking in the major sites out in Eveningstar. Aeryth pauses by the frozen bridge just on
the edge of town. That Tamberlyn really knows how to pull off a Jack Frost imitation.

In this last installment of Elyzia's adventures we bring to you her visit to The Twelve in its

As we say goodbye to Elyzia and her hillarious adventures we will be welcoming a new
comic to our publication, "Dungeons Delusions". Here is a little teaser of what to expect.

They said this was the place to get some ice-cream. Must be some kind of local joke...grr.

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