I just received a phone call from "Microsoft."

They said my machine was infected and sending "Microsoft" a bunch of error messages.

Since I am pretty familiar with computers, I wrote code for X number of years in the Unix and Windows environment I played along.

1st Red Flag why would Microsoft know my phone number?
2nd Red flag why didn't the Microsoft guy know my machine was on?
3rd Red Flag why didn't the guy know that the machine I was looking at was an Apple machine?

Yes, I game on Windows, but I immediately switched to the iMac for dealing with this person. This was the first time I ever had a call like this, and I wanted to learn from it to warn my friends and family.

The person sounded as if from India.

The person had me do things that showed my machine had errors. Usual stuff like an application shutting down because I killed it via TaskManager.

So, once we finally got to the point where I was at his website, their website tried to download software on my machine. Since I block all downloads until I verify, I read back to him the file he was trying to download and I then told him that this file is a known trojan horse program. AA_V3.exe is the trojan horse.

So, I called Microsoft at 1-800- MICROSO and talked to their security people, who were in India. They basically told me to not worry about it. Microsoft said they don't call people. Which I know they don't.

I am like, lots of people are going to fall for this shouldn't there be more about this?

I was not reassured by the representative of Microsfoft's security. I decided to write this for others.

if you get a call from "Microsoft" just ignore it or ask them to tell you the name of the computer that is infected in your house as you have ten devices on your home/business network.

if anyone wants more information, I will talk further on the subject if you post and ask.