Until you guys can fix the problem wwith the physics engine that is making solid walls into portable holes, can we please get an option to self target items or spells?

Since I started this artificer, I have thrown more potions into the wall only to have them go... nowhere.

Prior to that, using Cure _n_ Wounds wands against critters instead of myself on numerous occasions was equally as annoying.

The latter I can deal with, the former, however; just got me killed against Nurse Ratchet. Toss potion on floor - nothing. Toss it on wall beside me... nothing. Potion gone, no breakage, no healing. This is a class feature that is being made irrelevant by the inability of the game to know what a solid object is. There's no pattern I can see - it happens all over the place and with relative frequency on all kinds of textures.

You already have the UI portion written - metamagics. Just give us the option to choose "self-target" on the hotbar, please? We could have one action bound to cast/throw at our target, the same bound to self-target. Chagrin removed.