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    Default how did two people beat me to the doom

    no really i think you guys are just waiting with a doom post hotkeyed
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    On argo cuz its better than you!

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    Me at home at all times

    yes I am a lonely paranoid old man
    Quote Originally Posted by Drwaz99 View Post
    While it's not difficult to figure out, it's a mindless, stupid and eye-bleeding grind. It's not too hard to figure out that is not what this game needs right now. 2-3 million karma ok, there's some pain for your gain. But really, the EPL's are not worth the pain of 6 million XP in off destinies/sphere's.
    Quote Originally Posted by PermaBanned View Post
    Profit quantity has been prioritized above product quality.

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    In my own little existence, they like me here.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunan View Post
    Me at home at all times

    yes I am a lonely paranoid old man
    Csl. That means can't stop laughing.

    Or corporate scandal laundering.

    Cats sleep lively?

    you decide =D
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    "I am telling you, the word chicken does not have a 2 in it."

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