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    Quote Originally Posted by katz View Post
    mmm. this appeals to me, but it looks like this is a program meant for Linux? is there another option if i don't run Linux?
    Quote Originally Posted by cdr View Post
    PyLOTRO is cross-platform, it will work on pretty much any OS - Windows included.
    PyLOTRO is cross-platform, in that it is based on the (cross-platform) scripting language Python. This is usually bundled into most Linux distro's, so the script works 'out-of-the-box'.

    On Windows, you need to install Python first. It's open-source (free), and available at

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    Well, pretty much everything has been covered, but I'll post anyways...

    I quad box a lot and it took me a while to find how to do it, mostly I figured it out on my own.

    The multiple copies is perhaps one of the easiest ways for someone to do a multibox themselves without third party software or scripting stuff yourself. However it's a pain when updates come out.

    A single copy is the best way to go, there are several ways people have suggested, but my script uses the mklink command in win7 to create "links" to the DDO folder that, for all intense purposes for you, windows considers individual folders. The real crux is the window name. If you change that, then you can run other copies without issues with timing. The nircmd someone suggested can do this, but my scripting engine (autoit) has functions that do it for me in the same manner.

    If you script something yourself, you can do other things like mine that logs in and resizes the windows to where I want them on the screen. Basically I load the script, click go, come back in 3 or 4 minutes and it's at the character selection screen.

    It is important to note that automating things outside of the game itself like the login process is acceptable, however using scripting to automate anything inside the game is not acceptable.

    The best possible option I've seen for multiboxing would be but unfortunately it requires a yearly subscription to use.

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