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    Default Recommended Spell List for Pure Lvl 20 WF Arti

    I was wondering if anyone had a link to a WF Arti spell list. This is my first Arti and I am not too familiar with the spells. I looked at the Wiki, but I would rather hear from people who have actually run a Pure WF Arti to lvl 20.


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    This is only a final spell selection. Sorry it's not organized by level, I'm just going off of memory.

    Damage: blade barrier, flame turret
    CC: tactical detonation, prismatic strike
    Self-healing (if WF): reconstruct
    Weapon buffs: ALL weapon buffs - insightful damage/strikes, deadly, silver, cold iron, adamantine, byeshk, align, and enchant weapons (this adds to the spell power implement bonus if a weapon already has that, so pass it out to arcanes and divines)
    Armor buffs: thundering armor, armor of speed, enchant armor (occasionally you'll find a tank who asks for this but it's not a must have)
    Defensive buffs: resist energy, protection from elements, ablative armor, positive energy infusion, stoneskin, shield of faith, radiant forcefield
    Doggie and WF buffs: toughen construct, reinforce construct
    Debuff: lightning motes
    And of course, conjure bolts.

    Those are the only must haves, I would say. Beyond that, it's whatever you want.
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