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    Default Adrenaline: am I doing it right?

    I've been leveling Fury on my monk. Some things are great but are really buggy (Tunnel Vision... I have to switch wraps back and forth before it turns on sometimes), others are in theory great yet way too weak (Fast Healing.... enormously less healing than Healing Spring), and then there is Adrenaline.

    Looking at higher tiers of the ED, I was getting excited about regenning a charge with every Vorpal, considering the monk attack rate. But then I started playing with the handful of charges I already have..... and Really? Is it supposed to be something you only use to start a combat? Because the delay in swinging while activating it is totally insane.

    Is that a handwrap bug? Or is Adrenaline really that bad?

    I guess it reminds me of Fast Healing.... initially looked good, until you compare it to Healing Spring's ability to work on the whole party... tick 3 TIMES as often, and be affected by Spellpower.... meaning you can do some 36 TIMES as much healing over all than Fast healing (heck, 72X in a raid). Sure, it has a 5 minute timer... but the two abilities aren't even vaguely close on power. Similarly.... Adrenaline is a powerful looking ability... until you actually try to use it. In which case, other than 1 swing per fight, it would lower overall DPS.

    Fury shows so much promise to be cool. I even respeced my Enhancements away from Stalwart Defender I normally run in (my monk is a M12/F8 multi) just to try to use it right. So far the only ability I really like Tunnel Vision, and even that takes 2-3 handwrap swaps every time I get raged in order to get the effect to stick.

    Oh well... unless I'm doing something wrong I don't realize, I guess it I'll just lvl it up to Sense Weakness and leave it alone forever...... really hoping I'm missing something.
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    At first, adrenaline will be too insignificant and too slow to really increase your dps unless you prepare it beforehand, as you say. But as you level up and get 3 tiers of overwhelming force, it's totally worth it. Massive damage to a target, rendering them helpless for 10 seconds (meaning 50% more damage over the next 10 seconds, even more if you've taken sense weakness), and no save! I use adrenaline all the time on CiTW and EE quests. It makes killing the trash a whole lot easier.

    As you get used to adrenaline, you'll find ways to avoid the inconvenience of adrenaline's slowness. You can activate adrenaline while running toward a target without losing stride, and tactical feats like Cleave or Stunning Fist ignore the adrenaline delay (I cannot confirm this, but this is what I have found to be the case).

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    Adrenaline is bugged on unarmed as it doesn't change the crit range. Afaik the activation time is WAI but since you never get to the point where you crit on every adrenaline with unarmed it is far less useful than with weapons.

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