So Friday night I took a bet that I couldn't solo heal 11 Barbarians Level 20+ through an Elite Shroud. Barbarian Had to show as the primary.

I lost the bet - not because we tried an failed but because after 3 hours starting at 8:30 PM EST on Friday night.
(Thanks to those three that joined)

In that time I got 3 Khyber Barbarians and a bunch of mixed comments (2 Pure and one 11/8/1 Barb/Ftr/Bard AA)

Some clerics/fvs sent tells telling me I was nuts

Had a paladin actually send me a tell saying I was bashing paladins because I wouldn't except him

Had a monk joke with me about him having more HP than a barbarian.

I had couple Tells saying they wished their barbarian was "Big" enough to be Shroud Flagged.

I even had a tell asking "How are you going to break the crystal in part 2 without an arcane?" <- Just to note, All 3 Barbarians had a Bow or Throwing Weapons with nice damage modifiers

I even got an invite to drop my silliness and come heal a CitW.
I honestly thought I was going to win this bet, I just didn't count on losing because there was not enough Barbarians to even 8 man the Shroud. Also being the home server of Shade (Axer) I was sure there would be enough Barbarians running around.

So now this makes me curious;

  • Has the whole self healing thing gone so far to an extreme that even people that loved their DPS monster Barbarians are leaning more towards self healing classes?
  • Or was Friday night 8:30 to 10:30 PM EST just the wrong time or was it just the 20th of December (Holiday)?
  • Or was there fear that a single Cleric level 25 would not be able to heal 11 Barbarians and only 3 had some semblance of faith? (Having a single life line on an Elite Raid does have risk)
  • Or did the LFM leave many barbarians Stunned that someone actually wanted them as they were and not demanding BYOH?

Losing the bet was not the most disappointing thing, I was looking forward to seeing the unbridled fury of 11 barbarians taking seconds to remove portals and possibly 1 rounding part 4 and possibly taking 5 minutes to complete part 5 on elite.