This is not a "flame the devs" thread.
Please DO NOT flame Turbine nor their employees.

Use logic and reasoning when replying...I really do not wish for a thread lock-out.

So I went to help a group run HoDU this morning and asked upon entering the group if they planned on hitting one of the optionals (Matron or Daughter chest) and the reply was "I have never done the optionals in here."

I proceeded to explain that they are no biggie and would help them so we gathered the flashstones, blew up the library cauldron and then ran up top and opened the door only to be confronted by a second door blocking us from the Relig Wizard end fight. This door was neither knockable nor pickable.

I immediately recognized it for the nerf that it obviously is and proceeded to cuss, rant and rave.
After catching my breath an hour later, I decided to come here to the forums and find the logic and reasoning behind it.

House of Rusted Blades was a no brainer...the way we violated that quest was tantamount to a prison gang-bang even if none of the mechanics we used were exploits.

House of Death, however, was merely text book, by-the-numbers quest completions.

The ONLY thing this will accomplish is to FURTHER separate the "I have it already" group from the "I am up and coming and really need it and don't have the levels nor equipment to get it" group.

I run my toons and keep a name that allows me to run with people that are pretty exclusive and yet I turn around and go to the LFMs and actively look for the LFMs that people are asking for help and admitting it is their first time in a quest and I help them and never complain.

There are some of us that are trying to close this gap and it feels like a MASSIVE wedge was just driven between the player base (which has been the single most voiced complaint about DDO since I started the game).

Please give me a logical reason as to why this was done.

We exploited the 25% reentry penalty by breaking group and regrouping to avoid a mechanic that you placed in the reward us by giving us an easy-button to HELP us exploit your mechanic.

We run HoDU EXACTLY by the numbers and we get punished. At least this is what it feels like.

Even though I have already retorted most arguments already, I will still ask WHY...