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    Default Great Team Player Looking for Guild

    New to DDO but been playing D&D for decades. Just retired disabled veteran looking for great group of people to play with. I am a team player usually Cleric or Paladin type but can play any class. Honorable, selfless, responsible guy with flexible hours and not dedicated to any server yet. Looking for good group of players that are experienced and love having fun and using team work.

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    Just one small thing It would help you better if you said what server you play on.

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    Default good guild

    Hey, and welcome to DDO. As a veteran of 4 wars who served in the US Army for ten years, I can tell you that there are a lot of very good guilds on Gallahanda. Mine is the Old Timers Guild. Check us out on the link in my signature. We have a very wide range of players from hardcore to casual including static, permadeath, and raiders. We raid as a guild every Sunday Night and randomly throughout the week. We are a guild of many thousands of players with several hundred or so playing DDO. We are laid back and all about the fun!

    We only accept players by application and the process could take several hours to several days depending on when our admins are logged in. Weather you join us or not feel free to look me up in game and let me know if you need any advice or help. Good luck and again welcome to DDO!

    The Best Server: Gallhanda

    Looking for a great guild? Check Out Our Guild:

    Looking for some good builds to play?

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    /nods to Battlehawke

    I'd just like to say if you do land on Ghallanda, The Old Timers Guild is a great group of guys. I've run with many of them over the years.

    Tyrs Paladium is also another great guild honoring Vets and Active Duty members.

    Of course, we would be happy to take you out and about as well as a Blackmoor Defender. Many of us have played DnD for years. I have my 1/2 size books still (yeah, I'm a older fella). A link for info about us is in my Sig below.

    But, with all that said, Battlehawke caught this first so I just wanted to support him and offer a couple alternatives for you as well.

    Blackmoor Defenders

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