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    Default Ghallanda: server crash missing items

    I play on the Ghallanda server. At right around 4:20ish EST, I was transfering my stack of 21 flawless red dragon scales from my shared bank to my ingredient bag on my character Redriding. Before I could complete this an error on the server occured and caused the server to crash just a few minutes ago. When I was able to log back in the scales are no where to be found. Because I am presently a Premium player who has not recently purchased turbine points, I was unable to submit a ticket in game. Any assistance in investigating and possibly recovering these items would be immensely appreciated, as they have great in-game value.
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    Angry We are outa luck

    Same thing happened to me just now - I lost a lot of commendations, and the GM told me they won't replace anything. All that time wasted...

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    I'm so sorry to hear about that. Hang in there.
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    it might make more sense for the player to re-roll.

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