Hey, if you're going to create a full line of racial damage enhancements, why the heck would one ever pick halfling? The sneak attack bonuses of a halfling can only be utilized with either the improved feign feat or with the diplomacy skill. This leaves out any class without diplomacy and/or bluff as a class skill. Do you really want to be a paladin who uses diplomacy? What would the wizard do and say when you transfer agro from a paladin to this said wizard?

So, I guess a halfling FvS or a halfling bard would probably be the best at taking this enhancement.

Okay. The sneak attack feature is pretty good. This post is about the thrown weapon damage enhancement. The brutal throw feat 'out classes' the halfling line. There are four main ability scores for this build: STR, DEX, CON & WIS. Not needing CHA puts the warforged, dwarf and orc as better choices. Shurikan are so very rare. A 18 rogue / 2 monk is kinda rare.

I guess I'll try to build a halfling 2 monk / 18 rogue master thrower and see how it goes because I've never tried it. Any positive advice would be appreciated.