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    Exclamation New Guild – Last Line of Defense

    Thanks to the efforts of several heroic adventurers the end of the
    world was once again thwarted. I would like to thank the following
    people that helped me with this endeavor:

    Harry Dresden
    Buffy Summers
    Abraham Lincoln
    Tony Stark
    Sturm Brightblade
    Sir Elton John
    Dr. Horrible
    Many others who also contributed in their own way

    Together these people (and me, your friendly neighborhood doomsday preventer)
    traveled back in time to stop the Mayans 13th level world-sundering spell.

    Since there really isn’t much to do for the rest of the year, we are forming
    a new DDO guild on the Sarlona server with a focus on TRing, EE 6-man, and
    shortman EH raiding.

    Anyone is welcome to join, the only requirement is a description and mild
    proof of how you saved the earth from a calamity that would have seriously
    damaged multiple continents.

    I also regretfully inform you that Elminster, cut off from DM cheatery,
    died a most painful and tragic sacrificial-related death at the hands
    of the ancient Mayans.

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    Tobril is The Doctor.

    I freakin' KNEW it.

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    +1 to the Mayans for finally getting that charlatan.
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