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    Talking Bank Space .... WANT MOAR!!

    I have lots of TP. I have all possible bank space. I want more personal bank space. QMaster make it so

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    Not sure why we don't have more.

    This has been an ongoing debate for a few years.

    If this game spent as much time on new pets in the Store , but instead on new Bank, We would have about 3 new bank spaces (60 slots) by now.


    sorry caps. We want new bank and we are willing to pay for it. Why?

    We need a Dev to answer why is there no new Bank space. What is the problem?

    Is there a problem in the code? There is clearly a market and you will make a huge amount of profit if you even let us have 10 more slots in our Bank, NOT shared, but actual bank!

    BTC Bank is what we want.

    Is the marketing team stoned 24,7? and does not realize that we will PAY for more 20 slot bank packs?

    Why is this a problem with the game.

    There have been way too many threads that say we need more personal BTC bank slots, yet none of the Dev's care to capitolize on this!

    What the hell!

    The Revenue that, 'You'*, have LOST because , "This"**, IS not so, is probably in the millions of dollars by now.

    * Turbine.

    ** A bank slot of 20 purchasable from the DDO Store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorth View Post
    Is there a problem in the code?
    Just my guess, but I am thinking the true reincarnation code (next project after enhancements) is the problem.

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    Again. And I will /sign any other "more bank space plz" thread that comes along as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Ertay View Post
    While they were at it though, the devs decided to go on an incredible nerfhammer rampage and left nothing in their wake standing...

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    Default /signed

    Yes, please.
    I hope that at some point there will be so many threads about Bank space that the devs will finally pay attention to this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Certon View Post
    This is the most perfect suggestion in the history of suggestions, and it is full of upsides for both players and servers.

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    tbh, I was a little bit drunk last night and I didn't even see the other thread. Still a new thread cant hurt

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    Just curious why all threads created by me were removed.
    At least some of my posts remains (TheRobai = Robai).

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    I want management tools on the bank space I have. make bank and reinc cache have filtering like we have on inventory.

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    Default Double all existing slots

    Why only 20-per-page? It's been a long road of item bloat since 2006.

    Make the default inventory/bank page 40 slots instead of 20. Or even just bump it up by 5 or 10...

    The difference would be large and the gesture would be more than token, and warmly received.

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