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    Default Improved Feint only works with Unarmed Attacks?


    I am kicking this over from the specialist forum, hopefully some more eyes might catch it.

    I took Improved Feint as my free feat swap (dropped Precision) after agonizing over the pre-req Combat Expertise (which I will never use on a stick fighter rogue with power attack stance on).

    Note to self: gripe about uselessness of Combat Expertise in another post.

    So I went out to test and can only get it to trigger while fighting unarmed or with handwraps. Works just like the description: surrounding horde of mobs all get the Bluffed icon over their heads and I can get in a weak unarmed great cleave sneak attack.

    Equip my staff and... nothing. No combat action, no bluffed icons.
    Equip a dagger. Nothing.
    Equip short sword. Nothing.

    Remove weapon, going unarmed. Improved Feint goes off, mobs are bluffed and spin around.

    One helpful replier in other forum said it was working fine with his stick fighter pre-U16 but hasn't played that toon recently. I have never taken the feat before. It does not seem to be wai. Anyone else have any information?

    Bug report page coming up unavailable.

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    Dont have info but a question, anyone knows if Improved Feint works in Druid Animal forms?
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    Default Please make another thread to ask your question

    It is sometimes considered 'hijacking' a thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindos View Post
    It is sometimes considered 'hijacking' a thread.
    I think this is accually a good place to ask.
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    Post Improved Feint is partially working, is Really Bugged

    I just tested Improved Feint on PROD (Ghal Server) (20+ Assassin)

    With Dual Rapiers, Dual Maces, Dual Daggers, Mixed Rapier/Kukri:

    -Improved Feint still has a .5 to 1.0 second "Pause" between the weapon strike and the AE Bluff Proc
    -Attacking before the proc effect activates negates the maneuver but triggers cooldown on I-Feint.
    -Waiting approx .5 seconds for the "Mostly Harmless" text and Orange AE Bluff icons makes the effect work
    -Auto Attack simply cannot be used with a melee weapon and Improved Feint -- the next attack in the chain will trigger before the AE Bluff effect can proc.
    -This pause is NOT present when using handwraps; the AE Bluff from Feint is an instant effect with Handwraps
    -There is no manual interruption required in the attack chain when using handwraps.
    -While using Hardwraps with auto-attack turned on the, Improved Feint AE Bluff effect triggers with no pausing or cessation of attack.

    It is my opinion that Improved Feint is partially-working with melee weapons (non-handwraps) but it is awkward and should be considered bugged.

    The pause required for the proc to actually land lowers sustained DPS compared to the non-pause option on handwraps.

    Since the Improved Feint feat *can* clearly work without the awkward pause (*see handwraps) I submit that should be the targeted mode of operation on all melee weapons.

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    Default Thanks for info

    I continued to test it some more and with patience finally got some results while still keep my staff equipped. It is very unnatural to have to completely stop your attack sequence and then hold still waiting for the effect to go off. It does appear to be very intermittent still, many times it just fails to go off. I also noticed that fewer mobs will get the bluff effect out of a surrounding pack. Is this based on actual Bluff skill ability?

    Bluff skill requires a target. Does the Imp Feint AE still require you to have a mob hard targeted to make it process?

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    This thread contains some interesting .... ideas......
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