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    Default Selling MOTU EXP STONE

    I have a Menace of the underdark Experience Stone

    I am Looking for Serious offers, pm me with all offers and we will discuss terms.

    Items i am looking for:

    Flawless Green Dragon scales
    Flawless Red Dragon scales

    Epic Elite Ironwood Khopesh
    Epic Elite Whisperchain
    Epic Elite Wall of wall of wood
    Seal of House Dun'Robar(exceptional combat mastery 5 version)
    Drow Khopesh of the Weapon Master(stunning 10 prefered)
    Hide of the Goristro(two) con 8 trip 10, and Dex 8 stun 10)
    Scroll of the doublecrossbow
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    Default decision

    Will discuss the options with the guild and let the winner know by Monday to work out a time to use it.

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