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    Default A Watered Down TR xp Romp

    So I'm trying to build myself a leveling strategy (3rd+ life) that my characters can follow. I can't really use any of the ones I've seen on the forums since most of them assume xp pots, elite streaks, multiple players, guild buffs, etc. However, I will be using Greater Tomes of Learning.

    The basic rules my leveling strategy needs to follow:
    1. Hard Streak. I don't always have the skill, buffs, players, gear, etc to maintain an elite streak.
    2. Solo Friendly. I need to avoid as many quests as possible that are either very difficult to solo, very annoying to solo, or simply can't be solo'd.
    3. Fewer Repeats. My goal is to avoid excessive repeating of quests. I'll repeat short quests, simple quests, or the major xp farms.
    4. Resource Friendly. I want quests that won't drain my resources. No xp pots. No sp pots. No ddoor scrolls. No gold seal hirelings. And assume no guild buffs.
    5. Fewer Quests. I want the overall number of quests I need to run per level to be as low as I can manage without breaking #1-4.

    I'm open to suggestions on what I've come up with so far. All of the quests I have listed assume minimal optionals and bonuses. Right now I have many "bad levels" I would like to find a way to improve. Levels 5-7. Level 12. Levels 14-16. Levels 18-19.

    Level 1
    S, The Grotto
    H, Heyton's Rest
    H, The Storehouse Secret
    H, The Cannith Crystal
    H,Nx7,E, The Collaborator

    Level 2
    H, Stopping the Sahuagin
    H, Sacrifices
    H, Redemption
    H, Necromancer's Doom
    H, Misery's Peak
    (Korthos Island S/R/E) <---Incomplete. Just xp earned from what I'm likely to pass while running.

    Level 3
    H,Nx8,E, Recovering the Lost Tome
    H,Nx7,E, Information is Key
    H,Nx7,E, Durk's Got a Secret

    Level 4
    H,Nx7,E, The Kobold's New Ringleader
    H,Nx6, Where There's Smoke...
    H,Nx8,E, The Stormreaver Fresco
    H,Nx7,E, Dirty Laundry

    Level 5
    H,Nx6, The Depths of Despair <---I hate doing chains multiple times. But this one is fast.
    H,Nx6, The Depths of Darkness
    H,Nx6, The Depths of Doom
    H,Nx6, The Depths of Discord
    H, The Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth
    H, The Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos
    H, Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm
    H, Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate
    H, The Cloven Jaw Scourge: Blockade
    H, The Cloven Jaw Scourge: The Caverns of Shaagh
    H, The Halls of Shan-to-Kor
    (Waterworks S/R/E) <---Incomplete. Just xp earned from what I'm likely to pass while running.
    H, Irestone Inlet

    Level 6
    H,N, Tomb of the Crimson Heart
    H, Tomb of the Burning Heart <---I'll have to post an lfm for bodies here.
    H,Nx6,E, Tomb of the Immortal Heart
    H,Nx8,E, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart
    H,Nx8, The Forgotten Caverns
    H,Nx6, The Lair of Summoning
    H,Nx7, The Chamber of Insanity

    Level 7
    H,N, First Strike <---Running this chain twice is extremely boring.
    H,N, Hobgoblin's Captives
    H,N, Yarkuch's War-plans
    H,N, Whisperdoom's Spawn
    H,N, The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key
    H,N, The Deadly Package: Agent of Darguul
    H,N, Doom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to Zulkash
    H,N, Doom of the Witch-doctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe
    H,N, The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch
    H,N, The Last Move: Yarkuch's Last Stand
    H,N, A Small Problem <---Ditto for running this chain twice.
    H,N, Partycrashers
    H,N, The Snitch
    H,N, Under the Big Top
    (Tangleroot S/R/E) <---Incomplete. Just xp earned from what I'm likely to pass while running.
    H, Proof is in the Poison
    H,Nx7, Ruined Halls

    Level 8
    Hx10, The Bloody Crypt <---Major xp goodness! Group preferred.
    H, The Pit
    H, The Mystery of Delera's Tomb
    Hx4, The Missing Party <---Keep running until I hit level 9. Group required for windowing.

    Level 9
    H, Free Delera
    Hx9, Thrall of the Necromancer <---More yummy xp. Group required for windowing.
    H,N, Gwylan's Stand
    H,Nx5, The Tear of Dhakaan <---Group would speed things up but hirelings can be juggled.

    Level 10
    H, Tomb of the Shadow Guard
    H, Tomb of the Shadow King
    H, Tomb of the Shadow Lord <---Group required.
    H,Nx7, Tomb of the Shadow Knight <---The trap xp is too much for me to pass up. Would require an lfm if my character isn't a trapper.
    H,N, The Path of Madness
    H,N, The Xorian Cipher <---Group required.
    H,N, Stromvauld's Mine
    H, Stormcleave Outpost
    H, Tharashk Arena
    H, Prison of the Mind

    Level 11
    H,Nx6, Gateway to Khyber
    H,Nx6, The Jungle of Khyber <---Xp farming. Group preferred.
    Hx7, The Shadow Crypt <---Xp window farming. Group required.

    Level 12
    H,Nx6, And the Dead Shall Rise...
    H,N, The Enemy Within
    H,Nx6, Desert Caravan <---Group preferred.
    H,Nx6, Purge the Fallen Shrine
    H,Nx6, Maraud the Mines
    (Sands S/R/E) <---Assuming all Explorers, most Rares, and at least 200 of each slayers.

    Level 13
    H,N, An Offering of Blood
    H, Chains of Flame
    H,Nx9, The Chamber of Raiyum <---Group preferred to run each tower.
    H,Nx2, A Relic of a Sovereign Past
    H, Against the Demon Queen

    Level 14
    H,Nx2, Diplomatic Impunity <---Fast chain but I still hate running it many times.
    H,Nx2, Frame Work <---Kill MORE minotaurs.
    H,Nx2, Eyes of Stone
    H,Nx2, Assault on Summerfield <---Another chain I really don't want to run multiple times.
    H,Nx2, Blockade Buster
    H,Nx2, Undermine
    H,Nx2, Siegebreaker
    H,N,E, A Cabal for One
    H,N,E, Feast or Famine
    H,N,E, Trial by Fire
    H,N,E, Foundation of Discord
    H,N, A Cry for Help
    H, The Maze of Madness <---Group preferred since I'm terrible at mazes.

    Level 15
    H, The Crucible <---Need a group to run the maze and water for me!
    H, Madstone Crater <---Group preferred.
    H,Nx6,E, The Prison of the Planes <---Group preferred.
    H,Nx6,E, Gianthold Tor
    H, Flesh Maker's Laboratory <---Group almost required. I can't do the levers alone.
    H, Inferno of the Damned <---Group preferred.
    H, Ghosts of Perdition <---Group preferred.
    H,Nx9, Desecrated Temple of Vol
    Orchard (S/R/E) <---Assuming all Explorers, most Rares, and at least 200 slayers.

    Level 16
    Gianthold (S/R/E) <---Assuming all Explorers, most Rares, and at least 200 of each slayers.
    H,Nx9,E, Litany of the Dead <---Stockpiling sigils before TRing so I don't have to rerun the others endlessly to flag for this.
    H,Nx4, Sinister Storage <---Hate running this chain multiple times. Skipping In the Flesh since I would die soloing Hard/Elite.
    H,Nx4, Fear Factory
    H,Nx4, Missing
    H, Acid Wit <---Hate this quest period.
    H,Nx2, The Lords of Dust
    H,Nx2, Servants of the Overlord <---Group preferred.
    H,Nx2, The Spinner of Shadows <---Group preferred.

    Level 17
    H,Nx8,E, Running with the Devils <---Group preferred.
    H,N,E, Ritual Sacrifice
    H,N,E, Rainbow in the Dark
    H, Let Sleeping Dust Lie <---Group preferred if I'm not on a caster.
    H, The Coalescence Chamber
    Vale of Twilight (S/R/E) <---Assuming all Explorers, most Rares, and at least 200 of each slayers.
    Reaver's Reach (S/R/E) <---Assuming all Explorers, most Rares, and at least 200 slayers.
    H,Nx2, Prey on the Hunter <---Group preferred.

    Level 18
    H,Nx2, Monastery of the Scorpion <---Group preferred.
    H, Enter the Kobold <---Group preferred.
    H,N, Acute Delirium
    H,N, The Sane Asylum
    H,N, The Lord of Stone
    H,N, The Lord of Eyes
    H, Outbreak
    H, Overgrowth
    H, Thorn and Paw
    H, The Druid's Curse
    H,Nx7, Finding the Path
    H,Nx7, Dream Conspiracy
    H,Nx7, I Dream of Jeets
    H,Nx7, The Shipwrecked Spy
    H,Nx7, The Mindsunder <---Group preferred.

    Level 19
    Devil Battlefield (S/R/E) <---Assuming all Explorers, most Rares, and at least 200 slayers.
    House Cannith Manufactory (S/R/E) <---Assuming all Explorers, most Rares, and at least 200 slayers.
    H,Nx7, Eye of the Titan
    H,Nx7, Reclaiming Memories
    H,Nx7, Mining for Ancient Secrets
    H,N, Blown to Bits
    H,N, Schemes of the Enemy
    H,N, Power Play
    H,Nx7, Sins of Attrition
    H, Genesis Point <---Group preferred.
    N, Bastion of Power <---Hard Streak broken. Not a fan of soloing this on Hard.
    N, A New Invasion <---Depending on character might need a group for the boss.
    N,Cx8, The Dreaming Dark <---Once for xp and 8 more times for some Ioun Stone farming (and more xp).
    Nx7, Wrath of Flame <---Very boring
    Nx7, In the Demon's Den <---Very boring
    Nx2, The Weapon's Shipment
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