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    Default Been gone a few months, is it fixed yet?

    I miss DDO; I played way too much of it, but I still feel the urge to roll up a brand new monk and play through the early quests, again. I capped monks on 4 servers, and I had jokingly planned on doing so on every server.

    But I can't, now; oh, I could reinstall the game and technically complete the objective, but this ceased to be D&D when the combat system was ruined. If I wanted to play WoW, I would play WoW. I played DDO because I wanted to play D&D.

    I'm getting tired of replaying Skyrim and waiting for Neverwinter
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    Nope, Not fixed yet.

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    If you wanted to play "D&D" you would have to delete before level 12 or so. Having melee lackeys even as effective as they are in DDO hasn't been "D&D" since it was AD&D. Also make sure you never take any enhancements. Face it, d20 (for combat) and AC are broken in D&D 3.x. The breaks are just vastly more obvious in our overpowered Eberron variant.

    Don't expect DDO ever to be "fixed". Warner is wringing all the money it can out of the "community" and has never been as interested in getting bugs out than creating new content (and new bugs) for sale. The MOTU temp programmers had zero interest in leaving a workable codebase and it shows.

    Anybody interested in knowing the future of DDO might want to follow customer support quite closely. Between players without need to spend money (anybody with the expansion and TRs needs no TP, anybody at TR2 need not be VIP), and the huge amount of bugs it is likely that customer support costs are considered "out of hand" (by whatever metric management uses, although it could easily exceed income). If customer support merely continues to exist (rather than completely canceled, rationed, available to VIPs, or simply far too busy to answer before you eventually log out), expect that somebody will eventually be tasked with dealing with the bugs (a multi-year refactoring job by a small team is probably needed, I can't imagine Warner thinking it would ever pay for itself). If customer support simply takes an hour or more before doing their normal epic fail, don't imagine that (non-exploit, non-harassment lawsuit generating) bugs will be fixed.

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