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    Default Throw light and heavy pick users a bone...

    I see exotic weapons much more often than picks. We need a couple of named picks (one light; one heavy) at 20th level and a couple more 21-25 to round things out.

    20th level example:

    Light Pick (one-handed)
    Bound to Account
    Equips to: Main Hand, Off Hand
    Martial Weapon Proficiency
    Minimum Level:20
    Binds on Equip
    Base Damage Rating: (I don't know the math well enough)
    Damage: 2[1d6]+6, Pierce, Adamantine, Magic
    Critical Roll: (10%/32-72) 19-20 / x4
    Attack Mod: STR
    Damage Mod: STR
    > +6 Enhancement Bonus: This item has been magically enhanced. Armor with this
    quality gains a +6 enhancement bonus to AC. Weapons with this quality gain a
    +6 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.
    > Hemorrhaging: This weapon is viciously sharp and will do an additional 2d8 damage to
    targets that are vulnerable to bleeding.
    > Improved Destruction: Enemies struck by this weapon find it difficult to dodge blows.
    Destruction reduces Armor Class by -2 and Fortification by 2% every time this effect hits an enemy,
    up to a maximum of -8 Armor Class and -8% Fortification.
    > Rock Shattering: When striking stone-like creatures (such as gargoyles and earth elementals)
    or creatures that have been turned to stone, there is a chance this weapon will instantly shatter
    and destroy the target.

    Durability: 220 / 220
    Adamantine: (Hardness 35)

    A favorite weapon of a long dead Duregar prospector, this pick has changed hands many times throughout
    its existence, and is valued for its ability to carve through stone as if it were clay.

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    Just giving Deathnips an upgrade like the Abbot loot would be nice. I remember creating a pair of Maiming Rocksplitters right before Turbine nerfed helplessness (became +50% base dmg instead of auto-crits), thus making them a lot less useful vs stunned / held mobs.

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    They threw us (pick users) a bone with fury of the wild, but yes new heavy/light picks would be sweet.

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