Looks like this is still being worked on - and the work is good!

Pleased to report that energon cubes spilling from fountains are now actually showing as water.

Floaty damage numbers still only show the 1st digit (so 10-19 show as 1, 200-299 as 2 etc).

Is there any way to implement a working graphics modification? Only reason I ask, is that it may help the significant heat build up which in turn causes blank grey 'walls' to appear from certain viewpoints when moving around instances. The 'walls' are purely graphical errors and do not impede process (apart from not being able to see). They seem to exist between the 'rooms' that make up dungeons.

Eg. In Von 3 a 'room' would be the area with the 3 doors just prior to fighting the 3 lieutenants. The grey 'walls; stop viewing from that area to the corridor where the lieutenants are. If you are standing at the grey wall you have total obscured vision.

Sorry - dont have screenshots but will play on Mac today and get some to highlight the problem (Which is 100% reproducible as a product of overheating, dont know if Turbine can help here).

Still a great effort.


Please! Can you modify the client loader to NOT have to download every dam loading screen EVERY time I start it to try and play?

26meg wasted every time before I even log in.

This may not seem significant, however when gaming on the macbook I'm tethering data from my mobile, and having the additional (and seemingly unneeded) data consumption makes my allowance significantly smaller.