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One thing that really grinds my gears is when I go to the store and here a cashier say "Happy Holidays". Why is it that they no longer say "Merry Christmas"?

People get offended over the dumbest things. I fully understand that Turbine must take a politically correct stance on this as well, but these people that get offended over everything need to get help as they are the ones that are insecure.

I have a very good life, with many good things and I feel very good about myself. When I say something, I say what is right, not what is socially acceptable.
I don't think this is about being politically correct. It's about how the people on the forums, and maybe to a lesser extent, in game act with such negativity towards others. Go in to any if the current "p2w/p2c" threads and look, without thinking about the content, how much negativity and mean remarks there are. It was similar with the BYOH threads, though to be honest, the BYOH threads helped me develop a bit of a thicker skin.

Being politically correct, imo, is saying stuff in such a way that no group of people can get upset at it. So "Merry Christmas" becomes "Happy holidays" in order to please muslims, jews, and other religions in addition to Christians. Personally, I don't really care, either way the person was trying to be nice to me, and if it more natural for them to wish me a happy holiday season with "Merry Christmas" I would actually prefer them to say that, despite not being a christian. The reason is because the message, in it's essence, is the same, but by allowing someone to do it in the most natural way possible, I feel you increase the sincerity of the message.

Yes, I understand you may have a good life. But please, people, try to understand others may not. They may have been verbally, mentally, or even physically abused in the past. And given my situation, which at most could be a very light level of abuse (when compared to others), I can tell you these things leave scars that last for a long, long time. I'm not asking for anyone's pity, I just am very much against bullying, as I don't ever want someone to have to suffer through what I did, or more, especially over a video game