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    Default Epic Misery's Peak

    Okay, to those that haven't seen me bring this up before (It's been over a year or so-), this isn't a play off the old joke.
    Now, before you scoff, give it a look:

    Misery's Peak is uniquely designed to compliment an Epic Raid:
    One party takes the top route, while the second takes the bottom (normally run by Jeets and the lot).
    The second party would have to to keep damaging the dragon to keep it's attention, but at the same time, not allow it to die [In a vauge way, similar to the Stormreaver in Reaver's Fate]. This'll put pressure on the first party to clear levers quicker.

    At the end of it, a big fight with the dragon. Once it's taken down, we fight the Mindflayer.

    So, not the likeliest of locations, but Misery's Peak really has a unique flavor that'd fit well for a quick, straightforward Epic Raid.

    Best part: It'll give us an excuse to get an Epic continuation of the Giant Troll King sleeping in Stopping the Sahuagin.
    And Jacoby DID swear he'd return..

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    Fly? That would break every quest in the game. You would see folks falling from the sky in Korthos and dying. It would be a rain of newbs.
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    Yeah. It's not "we nuked the city from orbit", it's "the city experienced a brief population drop". Check.

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    PLEASE!!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!! it sounds so fun! i wana have a Epic started greataxe
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    Damn you forum folk...damn you all!!

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    I thought it was a good idea last time you brought it up Dag, and it still is.

    I can think of SO MANY different ways they could do it that would be spectacular.

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    Those Epic Ice SPiders would suck.

    I think this could be cool.
    I still want Epic Delera's.

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    Sorry not signed.

    I consider Misery's peak to be so a so pita quest that I avoid it.
    Running through corridors for a long time is not my prefered choice.

    I really would prefer Epic Deleras, Epic Tempest Spine or Epic Sorrowdusk over any Epic Korthos stuff.
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    besides, based on the current state of the game, we'll most likely only have 2 ppl max to play with the dragon while the rest clear levers
    PS: Greensteel RUINED the game! and you all know it!
    less buffing, more nerfing!!!
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    because epic misery peak just sounds awesome. Can't wait for epic korthos sets lol.
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    Dear Very Concerned Customer,
    Buy a rez cake.

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