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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Helmet View Post
    I don't know about that. She has let me group with her and Hordo lately - quite a big mistake!
    Aye, Cloey, Hordo, and Gunga-1 have been very generous letting people join their TR zerging
    groups. More than most other TR zerg groups have been.

    Perhaps this is why the spam, giving others opportunity instead of a closed system
    fencing one out of good xp; it does result in a player able to show whether they can
    keep up?

    However, as I stated before there is a piece of current information that Cloey and I both
    know, that is not taken account of by the author of this lmf spam. Therefore it is unlikely
    to have been authored by Cloey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirgog View Post
    But I bet Hordo and Gunga are not.

    Which is a pity, as they are both great players and fun to run with, yet one of the few people on the server not to appreciate them seems to have got prime position on the LFM page to insult them both.
    I was gone all Saturday until 10:27 pm EST and logged on to see that I should log off by 10:30 pm. So glad I missed it. Gunga and Hordo both rock, so ya, who ever posted otherwise is wrong.

    I don't get why people think hate is funny or cool. Anyone who did any hate speech should be banned. And people who associate with people who post racist things, in jest or seriously, have poor character. I still admire Hordo for taking a break from that other forum, after some ER person posted racism there.

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