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It is not unusual to hit 20 runs without shards dropping for you, especially if you are running EN. It's also worth pointing out that only one of the quests you listed earlier can drop shards at all (Tide Turns).

The seals sound like you are a bit on the unlucky side, but several of the quests you mentioned either don't drop seals (Tide Turns), only drop seals in one chest (Bargain of Blood, Black Loch), or have strangely low drop rates (Jungle of Khyber).

It does sound like you are getting pretty lucky with scrolls though.
I did know that Tide Turns is the only quest in that chain in which Shards drop. I'm running the **** out of it to try to get the Elyd Edge Shard so I can upgrade mine to Epic. I did finally get a Shard to drop for me in Tide, though it was Chimera. Still, the shutout streak is OVAH!

I did not know, however, that Seals could not drop in Tide. Thank you for that information, unwelcome though it was (not your fault though...game mechanics are what they are, right?).

But you're making an even better point here, and that is these quests have very few chests in them so, even assuming that any chest can drop a Seal, when you're talking about 1 or, rarely, 2 chests in a quest, you're going to have to complete many runs of the quests to see one drop as opposed to a quest in which there are, say, 5 or 6 chests.

Yeah, the scroll drops are the saving grace here. If I was going 20 quests without seeing one of those drop, I think
I'd give up and start playing Hello Kitty Online.