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    Default Epic Master thief tool

    Alright a few years ago I added a thread in this forums for a "Master theif tool" to replace the thieves tools that we have in game. Some players like the idea others shot it down.

    I still think its a good idea but maybe its better for rogues/arties halfies (mixed classes who can do rogue like abilities) to earn their dues first.

    so what I came up with this time is a level 20 craft able object once again help us get rid of some of the collectibles we are hording just in case they become useful. Allow us to craft a Master thief tool useable at level 20+ unlike the stacks of tools which yeah I know can be crafted now (still annoying space takers and still easy to forget to get more of at times)

    It can function as a +6 to search and disable and open locks, that stacks with other abilities. I think it should be a trinket that can be equipped since that slot is one of the more easier to swap during searching/disabling. And it would give rogues a nice high level object to shoot for, especially those who focus on trap finding/disabling.

    Now I know some would say +6 that's it? well it would stack like thieves tools already do only be a permanent item so I did not want to get too carried away. I still think as someone who loves my rogue/arties and halfies that this would be an object I would craft if it was put in game and I have several alts who could utilize such.
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    i'm perfectly fine with them just changing the mechanic so that the tool is only used up upon critical fail
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