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    Quote Originally Posted by Yendor_the_pokermage View Post
    my consume works better then the majority of divines implosions.
    Slightly off topic, but do you know what the formula for the saving throw for consume is? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nibel View Post
    Thank you. That was a good explanation. I have not tried Exalted Angel yet (No epic divines on my account), so I missed the bugs on it.

    The question was mostly because on my sorcerer (that is NOT farming EDs, I choose to set him on DI, and that is final), I could not force myself to spend more than 2 DP on Charisma (Mostly, to save me 6 AP for more enhancements) because of the "dragon breath" tree, and the "energy burst" tree eating most of my points. And then I thinking that +6 reflex/fortitude/no fail fortitude is much more valuable than +2 Charisma.
    Addressing the OP, it looks like you are coming from a limited perspective having not done other classes and destinies, so your viewpoint is completely understandable. On a sorc, DI is AMAZING and every ability is so AWESOME I wouldn't bother with +cha at all. But... you aren't a DC based caster, your DC spells are secondary at best. A wizard lives and breathes DC, and frankly the abilities in magister completely suck compared to DI.... but they do add the one thing a wiz can't much get elsewhere, which is DC and spell pen. My wiz has DI leveled in probably the same way you do, and sometimes I switch to it just to go into sorc mode (admittedly, not as well as a sorc). Different classes/styles have different needs, and sometimes +9 int is the right answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOOON375 View Post
    Ok. Why would anyone spend their points on all of that other "useless" stuff instead of beefing up their main stats?

    It's just a matter of opinion, and opinions on what a player wants differs from one to the next.

    There is no one right way to do things with destinies.

    It's attitudes like yours, and threads just like this that cause a gazillion "cookie cutter" builds to be running around.

    Regardless of how destiny points are spent, it's still an overall improvement to the toon.
    The OP was asking a legitimate question. He wanted to know reasons that stat increases might be beneficial. Why do some of us have to interpret the OP in a negative light, and then return that negativity? It is attitudes like this that drive people away from the forums and the game in general. Fortunately, many others were kind enough to offer insight into the OP's question, and I'm sure he's thankful for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nibel View Post
    Serious question. You have 24 Destiny Points to spend in all things on your ED tree, and yet some people go and spend half of them to get +3 DC on spells. Or +3 to-hit/damage. Or whatever.

    I can understand when you have absolutelly nothing to spend on (Ranged character hitting Dreadnough tier 2), or need to round up an odd stat. But as the main shtick? Why would I get my artificer on Magister and spend 12 points on Int instead of going to that tree that reduces mob reflex saves, or Grand Summoner, or the Sigils/inherent resistance? There are so many cool toys on the ED trees, that I feel that wasting 4 AP for a +1 modifier to be a total waste.

    What am I missing here?
    I am a player that likes to play with passive abilities. Clickies and gear swapping annoy me while playing. Often times the only options are stat boosts in a destiny.

    This is also the reason when the new enhancements come out, my mostly human list of toons will be tr Ed to something else.
    Lunality, Sorcality, Tunality, Axation, Causation, Shurality, Desparality, Stingality and a few more...

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