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    Default fire shield spell dispelled on cast

    Fire shield spell is immediately dispelled when cast.

    Combat): You make a Use Magic Device skill check. You roll a 14 (+28): success!
    (Combat): You are wreathed in flames that do cold damage to attackers and reduce all fire damage taken by half.
    ~some other stuff about web immunity etc~
    (Combat): You are affected by your dispel fire shield.
    (Combat): Dispel Fire Shield
    (Combat): Dispel Energy Sheath

    same effect for scrolls and the spell. item procs and the ed energy sheathe seem to work correctly, but all effects are dispel when the spell is cast.

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    Ya, this was reported when on Lama as soon as the build hit there...

    Apparently this bug wasn't important enough to be fixed BEFORE they push the pach to live...

    More slop from Turbine......

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