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    Quote Originally Posted by akiraproject24 View Post
    Thankfully Ive grown fed up enough not to give a shiz about this game anymore

    Its no longer fun and I no longer care, How big is my crit, How loud is my wail

    My caster DC no longer matters, soon my account will be left in tatters

    My reign of hatred ends here, and to those few I loved, I leave you my gear

    In the end, it never meant squat, a huge waste of my time was all that it brought

    Last word of advice I'll whisper real low, Dont waste your life on a lame MMO

    Peace out my jiggas!
    Truth my friend truth. MMO are not what they once where, the loyalty to customers no longer a concern to the company, and the feeling of long term security in the costs that go with investing in an MMO no longer the given it was when the standard upheld with old MMO like UO and EQ still being around meaningless after travesties like City of Heroes/Villains in recent times.

    The forums are fun, the game itself barely worth a log in once a month.

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    Guess who I came across farming some good old farmhouse. Yes it was the OP.

    Welcome back
    Thelanis -- Wulverine + [Funkaholic, Funkatronic, Funkarific]

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    aww man thwarted. I was just about to make my return for another tr trip. Was fun back in the day. Maybe we will see you again.


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