Dear Brun

Hey, it was those old travel journals. I got out the atlas and I’m like, wow! So many places I haven’t been! And totally too many things I haven’t done. So I’m off, for a trip round the world! Like, there’s 293 different dungeons in Eberron, did you know that? Never mind this new place that they’re all rushing off to. And like 386 weird monsters (all waiting to be killed!)

I’m starting over in Korthos, and this time round I'm soooo going to see every single thing there is to be seen. It’ll be brill. Hey, I’ll be back one day, but don’t expect me much before next Therendor. But I’m gonna look soooo rad, and I’m totally gonna have wicked tales to tell.

By the time you read this I'll be gone. Sorry not to see you before I left, but, you know, made my plans, and I soooooooo couldn’t stand hanging around here any longer. Maybe the place looks a little untidy, but I was totally packing in a hurry, and I'm pretty sure I cleared up all the loose arrows. If there’s any, say down the back of the sofa, just chuck them in the chest under my bed.

Wish me luck, and I’ll see you in a year’s time!