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Too bad this discussion got tied up with 4th edition, because healing surges, if implemented well, could help get players used to the idea of self-sufficiency without replacing other healing.

Minor self-healing isn't going to break the game as long as it does not compete with UMD or real healing. I start every life with thousands of cure serious potions, but why shouldn't newer players be able to regenerate part of their health a few times per shrine?

Monks have an ability that works along these lines. It's popular with new and cheap players who want to top off their hit points, but someone with plenty of cure pots rarely bothers.

I disagree with one part of the suggestion that healing surges be based on constitution modifier. Because CON is so inflated, this would change endgame calculus too much. Even many sorcerers have, say, 40 CON, so they would all have 15 healing surges. We're looking at the equivalent of a hundred cure serious potions every shrine.

I would support a more universal way to ease the self-healing burden for newer players, especially between fights. If it makes every class have 15 self-only lay on hands, that's probably overkill.

Self-healing without sacrfice feels wrong to me for dnd only paladins should have lay-on hands period. I dont support more self-healing then we have already infact we have more then we should potions really shouldnt be so common and cheap. nor should wands and scrolls