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Thread: LF +3 Con Tome

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    Default LF +3 Con Tome

    I am LF:

    1 +3 Con Tome
    Epic Elite Treads of the Fallen Snow

    I can offer in trade:

    Blue, Black, White Dragonscales
    Hide of the Goristo +8 Str
    Drow Smoke Goggles
    Blade of the High Priestess
    Shatterbow (Red Fens bow, undampened ML 7, not bound, epicable)
    Bow of the Elements (Air) (epicable) x 2
    Bow of the Elements Ice x 2
    Deep Red Ioun Stone (Dex)
    Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (Prot AC)
    Souleater (epicable)
    Staff of Inner Sight (epicable)
    Gaurdian of the Liturgy
    Blue Dragon Helm
    White Dragon Helm
    Bloodstone (epicable)
    Robe of Fire (epicable)
    Collapisable Shortbow (epicable)
    Gloves of the Falcon (epicable)
    Spectral Gloves (epicable)

    Alchemical Weapons:
    Warhammer x2
    Light Mace x 2

    Scrolls of:
    Fullplate of the Ringleader
    Jidz 'Teka
    Elyd Edge
    Ring of Venom
    Noxious Fang
    Necklace of Venom
    Cacophonic Verge
    Winter's Wrath
    Shaman's Band
    Shimmering Pendant
    Illusionist's Robe
    Robe of the Diabolists
    Elder's Focus
    Infested Armor
    Ruby Encrusted Guantlets
    Robe of Dissonance
    Dragon's Eye
    Utility Vest
    Midnight Greetings
    Brimstone Verge
    Templar's Justice
    Darkstorm Helm
    Denith Heavy Chain
    Mask of Tragedy
    Luminous Truth
    Golden Guild
    Bow of the Silver Flame
    Blademark's Docent
    Chimera's Crown
    Mask of Comedy
    Greatclub of the Scrag
    Roderic's Wand
    Elder's Cap
    Cape of the Roc
    Necklace of the Azure Prophecy
    Cloak of the Silver Concord
    Necklace of the Crimson Prophecy
    Twisted Talisman
    Templar's Retribution
    Envenomed Blade
    Sacred Helm
    Kundarak Warding Bracers
    Kundarak Delving Goggles
    Ring of the Mire
    Boots of the Mire
    Raven's Talons
    Doublecross Bow
    Hellstroke Greataxe
    Rakshasa Hide
    Helm of Frost

    I can best be reached in-game (through mail or tell) on Lawbane, Siltharius, Threefang, Shieldfist, or Lazerfist.
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