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    Default Necro's Wanted List:+6 Glaciation one hander of Necro Mastery

    Looking for:
    ee Globe of True Imperial Blood
    ee Dream Visor
    ee Crystalline Scepter

    ee Axe of Adaxus
    +6 Glaciation one hander of Necromantic Mastery*
    Plats! / astral shards
    Bypasses / jeweler's kits
    Otto's Boxes?
    Bounded items (shard trade)Trading 1 or a combination of for Globe or Visor only:
    ee Treads of Falling Shadow
    ee Nether Grasp
    ee Dream Visor (swapping for Globe)
    Other bounded items:
    ee Shadowmail (Impulse)
    ee Bastion
    Other things to trade with
    ee Bronze Arcanum Ingot
    ee Greataxe of Chained Soldier
    ee Ring of Stormreaver's Prophecy x2
    ee The Mountain's Fist x2
    ee Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    ee Bulwark's of the Storm's Fist
    ee The Turmoil Within
    eh Ring of Stormreaver's Prophecy
    en Ghost Waking Cloak
    en Treads of Falling Shadow

    +6 Magnetism Scimitar of Necromantic Mastery*
    +6 Magnetism Dagger of Necromantic Mastery*
    +6 Potency Dagger of Enchantment Mastery
    +6 Potency Dagger of Enchantment Mastery
    +6 Glaciation Dagger of Evocation Mastery*
    +6 Glaciation Dagger of Cold Mastery*
    *Swapping 1-1 with wanted caster stick above

    20+ Flawless White Dragon scales
    20+ Flawless Blue Dragon scales
    20+ Flawless Red Dragon scales
    2 Yellow Doopants
    +3 DEX tome x9000
    +3 CHA tome x2
    +3 WIS tome
    +3 STR tome
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