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    Default Looking for a guild

    Hello folks,

    I've been playing DDO for about 3 months now and really enjoying it. I would like to join a real guild, but I've had some bad luck. As an example: The first guild I joined disbanded after I was there a week, which seemed ok because there I never seemed to see any members logging in. I just left another guild today. Seems the only two people who were logging on was me and the other guy who just joined last week; I really don't want to be just a feeder.

    I'm not looking for handouts, just a group to occasionally join on quests, ask the occasional question to and make trade with other members, etc.

    In real life I’m a 44 years old family guy who played D&D PnP style.

    If you’re looking to recruit please let me know, but I do ask that other people are actually logging in please. My main (level 9) is Kylric,

    Thank you,

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    Default Hi

    I might be able to help in the small chance you play on Khyber! Feel free to PM me if you do.

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    Default hello

    blackforge is level 37 guild with 2 active players, looking to expand, we like to run with mature players, also like to have a good sense of humor and just learning the game. We run with other guilds that we made friends with. We also have a website on If interested send a email to rubica.

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