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    Gotta say I feel somehow related to this topic. There's some odd build hate, some AA hate, some "the game is too easy"...well I'm playing a 12 sorc/6 ranger/2 monk atm. Since I got a few people asking about the build I might even post it one of these days^^

    I first rolled it because I needed sorc PL, and I had an xp-stone to use somewhere, plus little time to play. I wanted to TR soon after 20, just after giving Shiradi a try. Surprisingly, the build proved actually decent in end game, and I still had not enough time to tr fast enough, so I kept it for another while.

    Now it has good melee with tenser's, 50ish str, extended rage/haste (sometimes last longer than un-extended pure caster's), displacement, pally active PL, ram's, GTWF and other stuff...
    Full AA line with IPS etc...Water Savant II with good caster level from PrE, equip and EDs, and decent spell power on ice spells. Evasion with 40+ reflex depending on ED, heal scrolls, DD/teleport. DoTs+melee+manyshot make it great vs bosses, Ice storm+stay frosty+IPS is nice vs trash.
    Plus depending on ED it can have some CC+ranged damage from shiradi, great aoe damage from Draconic, EiN from GMoF or Unbridled Fury Many Shot + other dps goodies from FotW.

    I've almost never had problems being accepted in pugs (which surprised me a bit at first since I'm aware that the build is veery questionable at first glance). I'm having lots of fun since I can play as melee, ranged and/or sorc depending on ED and situation, and I don't have to play a forum build (nothing against taking builds from forums but some people tend to think that those are the only possible builds; some people just copy/paste them w/o knowing how to play them, which is even worse.)

    Another point is that the game IS much easier than it used to be...which can be annoying, but is also an opportunity to try out fun, still viable builds that wouldn't be possible in a harder end game, probably. I've learned not to judge the book from the cover

    I also don't have problems with people who actually try something very original and unusual, even if it turns into a failure, provided they are good players. A build can have a bad moment in a certain level range, or can just turn out to be a failed experiment that still has to reach 20 somehow in order to TR etc...personally I love the challenge of rolling something out of ordinary AND make it work ofc. If it doesn't work, tho, I think one should have the decency of not being a burden to the party: run Hard or EH if you see you can't contribute enough on Elite or EE
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