...because I've seen some pretty horrific ones, lately. Don't people bother to research builds, anymore, instead of almost intentionally gimping themselves? I don't like to use the term gimp but...honestly, some people just don't get it, even after you try to explain things to them. Yes, you're supposed to have fun but there's a bright, neon red line between fun and useful. It might not for you, but it bothers me that people with the strangest, most poorly-thought-out builds think they're amazing.

I try to be nice to everybody, but sometimes it's like watching the most horrible audition on American Idol, where these people think they can sing but they're absolutely terrible. Where can you find drugs that would make one so delusional?

Just today I was hard farming a few runs of PoP in gianthold. I wasn't the party leader so I couldn't see classes until they actually came close, and a rogue joined with a ki bar. I thought, 'okay, maybe he's doing something with dark monk and rogue sneak attacks', nothing wrong with that, I've seen it before. Then he entered the quest.

10 rogue / 4 fighter / 2 monk
Small shield + bastard sword + random loot medium armor

I had found the definition of the word 'speechless'. Upon asking about his unique build, he stated he dealt awesome damage, and that he took every feat that pertained to shields, saying it gave him a ton of doublestrike, and he was building for PRR. Kill counts don't mean much, but in a party with a ranger AA (myself, and I have to say I do excellent dps with the right build), a clueless wizard, a THF fighter, and a healing-specced druid, he had the lowest amount for every run we did by a loooong shot. I'm talking 1-2 kills per run. You'd think after 16 levels somebody would have seriously told him, 'no, this isn't good, don't do that'. After a few attempts at explaining his build, him linking his god-awful bastard swords and shield, and a rather hilarious comment from the fighter, I gave up and left him to his delusions of grandeur.

Something needs to be done about this. I don't usually concern myself with ignorant people who refuse to listen to reason but I mean...wow...I'm still flabbergasted at the thought of somebody thinking this build would work.

Has anyone else encountered a really strange or absolutely horrible build, lately? I seem to be seeing far too many...there needs to be some way to get people to read the class/race forums more often.