Ladies n Gents-

Oi! An important aspect of DDO March Mayhem history comes in the form of Doraleous and Associates, an Escapist-original fantasy-comedy cartoon by Hank n Jed productions. After dealing with two years of legal issues, Hank n Jed have finally gained their IOs back and have rereleased the first two seasons appearing on Machinma every week. They're about half-way through the rerelease, and that's where this announcement comes into effect.

In order to see Doraleous and his Associates save Neudonia, Hank n Jed are about to start a kickstart to fund the rest of this amazingly heroic and comical series. Their official announcement can be found here, at their facebook page. If you would like to see the available episodes thus far, please check out their YouTube channel here. Machinima is also releasing a new episode every Sunday, and that episode is gained on Hank n Jed's YouTube about a week later. Future episodes should arrive first on Machinima once we're past the last Season 2 episode, but only with support for Doraleous and Associates! Please check it out if you've never seen the show -- if you really like it, you can always help them out with their kickstart that's beginning in the near future.

Merry Meet 'n Merry Part, or There n Back Again.