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    Default Server crash, lost gold-seal guild shrines

    So Khyber crashed yesterday. I got back in and my ship was void of shrines. I was informed from my guild mates that there was a known issue where guild ship shrines take up to an hour to respawn. Sure enough most of my shrines were back within that hour.

    I logged in this morning and found that all but my Gold Seal Major Experience Shrine was in place. I had just placed 4 contracts on that slot earlier that day. I didn't panic, I submitted an in-game ticket figuring this was something a GM could handle based on past experience.

    This is what I got:

    Full quote:
    In order to provide the best resolution to your issue, you will need to contact our Account Support department. That team is better equipped to handle your inquiry, as the In-Game Support team does not have access to the necessary information. To contact Account Support, please visit and click on the flag appropriate to the language you would like support in. Select the “Support Center” tab and then select “Submit a Ticket”. While filling out the ticket submission form, select DDO as your game, and Account/Store Support as your Support Team.
    This seems to be becoming a staple response to all in-game tickets now-a-days, why is that?

    If you require proof of purchase, please see these DDO store order numbers:
    • 001-007009-31064505
    • 001-007009-31064506
    • 001-007009-31064507
    • 001-007009-31064508
    • 001-007009-31064509
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    They probably told you to submit a ticket through the website because it wasn't something that could be handled in game. I assume you actually went and submitted all of this information in a ticket at support instead of just making a thread about it. Generally, contacting support via tickets or phone tends to be fairly effective at getting a positive resolution to the problem.

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    Yep, I did. Ticket #24001-364864
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    Sadly, the canned response seems to be getting more prevalent. Like non-responsive NPCs for the random encounters in King's Forest - those happen all the time but, since it's not a bug that benefits players, it doesn't get fixed... oops, got sidetracked there. :P

    Anyway, used to be that you got the NPC, s/he didn't respond, you filled out a ticket, and at some point in the future, a GM responded to the ticket and at least attempted to reset the NPC for you.

    The last few times this has happened to me and my friends, though, we've been getting our tickets closed* with only an autoresponse:

    "The issue you have described is not an issue that the In-Game Support team can assist with. We recommend that you take a moment to submit a formal bug report at this url: to aid in the research of this issue. Be sure to fully review the information at the top of the bug report form to understand how bug reports are handled."

    So I'm wondering now, is this the new procedure, or are some of the GMs just getting lazy?

    * Obviously our tickets have only been able to be closed when the help ticket window actually LOADS instead of coming up as a 404 error.
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